7 Quick Takes 63: Closets, Storms, and Advent!

It’s FINALLY Friday, friends! It’s been a long week for this old fashioned girl. But it’s almost the weekend, I’m sitting here sipping a homemade chai latte, and this weekend is beautifully empty with the exception of a big family dinner at my parents. But before I stick a fork in this week and call it “done,” here’s a quick look back at the adventures that the Langrs went on since we chatted last:

1. That’s it, I’m ready for Advent

Advent and Christmas are my favorite seasons of the year. Growing up, my family didn’t set up the Christmas tree until “pink candle Sunday.” Looking back on it, I totally understand. Eight kids and breakables tend not to mix well. But now that Joseph and I have our own little house, I’m itching to deck the halls and decorate all the things.

We’re still trying to decide if we want a bigger Christmas tree this year or if we’ll stick with our little, two-foot-tall baby tree. But you can bet your jingle bells that I’ll be decorating our mantle on Monday

I’ve been really good about not pulling out the Christmas decorations yet. But I broke down today, guys. I played the Advent playlist today and I don’t care that Advent doesn’t start ‘til Sunday. It’s Friday, which means it is the vigil of the vigil of Advent. So I’m good.

2. I could live in this closet

We’re living in this beautiful house now, and there is so much space. I don’t know what to do with it all. Our first little one bedroom apartment would fit in the kitchen. And then there’s this closet.


I could live in here. The baby’s room could be in here. And my office. And all of our camping gear. I could invite hobbits to live in here and there’d still be room for all of us. But it turns out it’s just clothes and storage.

3. Baby preppin’

I’m not a big Black Friday shopper, but last weekend I stayed up way past my bedtime (which is 10:00 because I’m an adult) to snag a good deal on one of the first things we’ve bought for baby Langr. I can’t wait to give this to them at their baptism!

rosary baby.PNG

It’s been a beautiful journey with this pregnancy. But anytime we buy something for the baby or put things together in his/her new room, it’s an incredible act of hope, faith, and vulnerability, after losing Marion.


Beautifully, our new home already has a pre-made baby room, complete with gender neutral grey and white stripes. The curtains also came with the house, just in case you were wondering.

4. I’m not quite ready, winter storms

I know I live in the wrong part of the United States to desire sun and warm days this time of year. But Kansas City has gotten a few snowstorms already, and another one made an appearance on Thanksgiving day.

I picked up a friend at the airport the next day, post-blizzard, and our trusty little Prius did great! But I’ll take sunny and 70 degrees any day still.

5. Making my TV debut

Being on television isn't my comfort zone at all - I'd much rather be behind a podcast mic or blogging. But I loved getting the chance to get out of my comfort zone and visit with Audrey Assad, Carrell Jamilano, and Lisa Mladinich about the issue of pornography in women's lives!

You can now watch the episode on YouTube! Ignore that annoying lamp light that shines on my glasses the whole time. I can’t ignore it, but you should.

6. A different kind of Advent preparation

We’re getting ready to kick off our four part Advent series over at The Catholic Podcast. Joe Heschmeyer and I tossed around quite a few ideas about what we should chat about in the next month, and we landed on something . . . . well, let’s just say it’s a little darker than your chocolate Advent calendar.

Want a hint about the series? Joseph and I’s wedding selfie at the recent Heschmeyer wedding says it all:


7. Our new house is now Wilson-approved

Wilson hates car rides. Well, Wilson hates a lot of things, and car rides are one of them. So are new places, new smells, and change in general. So we weren’t quite sure what he’d think of the new place after a traumatic, twenty minute car ride.

Thankfully, he ended up in the front room with plenty of rug to run around on during his supervised play time. Because we can’t trust him after that speaker wire incident two houses ago. But he’s been joyfully running and jumping to his heart’s content this past week, so everyone is happy.