12 Unique Gifts for All the Catholics in Your Life


Advent has begun, and for most of us, it’s also the start of the gift giving season. I love giving gifts more than I love receiving gifts, so this time of year is always so much fun for me.

Are you struggling to decide what gift to give your Catholic friends and family this Christmas? No worries, I’ve rounded up my favorite gifts from around the internet and done the hard work for you.

Check out these twelve, unique gifts for all of the different types of Catholics in your life this year!

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1. For the Catholic who has it all

This Catholic has everything they could possibly need. Their walls are full of gorgeous religious art, their bookshelves are filled to the brim with books that you’re constantly asking to borrow. This is the Catholic friend who sends you texts with cute Catholic things they found on the web. What more could they need?

Enter Sock Religious. They’re a mom and pop online store that was launched by Scott and Elisabeth in 2017. They roll out new designs on a regular basis, and offer the perfect accessory to bring the Catholic faith to your workplace or spice up your Sunday best!

My favorite socks by far are their Saint Therese of Lisieux socks. With “The Little Way” written on the bottom of the sock, they serve as a great reminder to walk each way along the littlest way!

Sock Religious has something for every Catholic. Check out all their designs here.

2. For the Catholic who secretly wants ink

be not afraid.jpg

Most of us have that one Catholic friend who talks about ideas for their Catholic-themed tattoo but may or may not pull the trigger on getting some ink. For my friends, that person is me. That’s why I love Just Love Print’s temporary tattoos.

Last year, Joseph gifted me a package of “Be Not Afraid” temporary tattoos, one of which I still have and am planning on wearing into labor with the littlest Langr in the spring! The collection of temporary tattoos offered has recently expanded to fifteen options and you’ll want to get your friend every single one of them.

3. For the caffeinated Catholic


This Catholic friend prefers to always meet in coffee shops. They’ll probably always have a mug of something close by, or are willing to debate you about which is better: iced or hot coffee.

This caffeinated Catholic probably has their favorite mug and brew already, so what a better gift for them than a cozy coffee mug? I’ve been a long time fan of Cozy Wife’s beautiful crocheted mug cozies, and there’s one for every kind of Catholic on your gift list.

Whether they prefer their coffee for here or to go, she’s got something for them. She even has cozies for their beer bottles and ice cream cartons. Are they more of a tea person? Don’t worry, she has that covered.

4. For the well-read Catholic

This Catholic friend is always giving you a new book recommendation. Their favorite accessory is their library card, and their shelves are organized alphabetical by author (or if, they also have a decorating streak, by color of the cover).

You’re not sure what they have read, or, really, what they haven’t read. But you know you want to fuel their reading habit. Stop by your local Catholic bookstore and pick up a gift certificate for them. Your book worm friend will love browsing through the selection and picking up something they’ve wanted for a while, and you’re supporting local Catholic businesses. I’d call that a win-win.

5. For the littlest Catholic in your life

Is your nephew, niece, or godchild on your list of people to go shopping for? Check out my favorite Catholic company for the littlest saints-in-the-making in your life: Chews Life.

There’s a wide range of products offered by the company, including rosaries, decade rosaries, bracelets, pacifier clips, and Divine Mercy teethers.

If there’s a new mom on your gift list, check out their Mama Necklaces, which are perfect for moms with curious littles!

6. For the organized Catholic


This is the Catholic who is always on time to everything. They also know who’s saint feast day it is, and throw liturgical themed parties. They’re a blast to be around, but they can’t keep all that information in their head!

That’s why the beautiful Blessed is She Liturgical Calendar Year Planner for 2019 is the perfect gift for this friend. Not only will it help your friend keep organized, it also features full color, double sided pockets, a hard cover for durability, and prayers added from your favorite Blessed is She writers. The planner also comes in a miniature version, too!

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for me, I’ll gladly take one of these this year! This planner has been on my wish-list for years now, and one day I may pull the trigger!

7. For the traveling Catholic

tiny saints.jpg

This Catholic friend is lovingly referred to as “the pilgrim” of your friend group. They’re always off on business trips or fun trips around the globe. Their passport is full of stamps, and they’ve always wanted to walk the Camino.

Funding their next pilgrimage may be out of your gift budget, but you can help them locate their luggage whether you’re traveling with them or not! Tiny Saints are perfectly sized for zippers to clip onto their luggage, car keys, or backpacks.

There are 84 saints to choose from, ranging from well-known patrons like Saint Christopher and Saint Thomas Aquinas, and lesser-known holy men and women like Blessed Frances Schervier and Blessed Mother Maria Theresia Bonzel!

While you’re checking out the tiny saints, take a peak at their rosaries, lanyards, and stuffed animals! Ordering for a TON of Catholic friends, or making Tiny Saints the universal stocking stuffer for your family this year? Check out their bulk discounts!

8. For the foodie Catholic


This Catholic friend is always raving about the latest great dish they tasted. Their favorite priest is Father Leo, who’s known in their circles as the Catholic foodie.

What better gift to get your food-loving friend then some food? There’s so many awesome religious orders who sell incredible food to support their communities. Pick up some gourmet chocolates, creamed honey, and Assumption Abbey Fruitcake.

If you’re working on a time crunch, a good old fashioned Chick Fil A gift certificate is always a good way to go! After all, it’s the Lord’s food!

9. For the bearded Catholic

beard balm.png

For this Catholic, no-shave November is an all year round event. They frequently compare their beards to the great bearded Catholic saints. What better way to support their love of facial hair than with Barbatus Beard Balm?

Their website has plenty of choices for beard balm, beard oil, beard brushes and mustache wax. All of their products are handmade in Seattle.

The beard balm is available in five INCREDIBLE Catholic scents, including “Chrism,” “Holy Smokes,” “Lectio,” “Orthodoxy,” and “Franciscan.” Their seasonal scents include Fox Bait, which is in partnership with a great Catholic podcast, “Catching Foxes.”

Catholic bonus: Your purchase helps support Catholic youth ministry! Barbatus Beard Balm is training young leaders in Uganda, training ministers around the world, and sharing the Gospel with teens all around the country.

10. For the fashionable Catholic

brick house.jpg

This Catholic friend always shows up to events looking fashionable and put-together. Their Pinterest board is your constant source of inspiration for all things fashion, and they sometimes come over to help you pick out outfits for Mass on Sunday.

What better gift than a gorgeous, Catholic shirt to add to their closet? Brick House in the City creates shirts and products for women who want to be the light of Christ in their own corner of the world.

The shop offers 43 different choices for products. My favorite include this “Strong Women” tee and this “Saints of Our Time” shirt, which features some of my favorites.

11. For the crafty Catholic


This Catholic friend frequently can be found crafting all the Catholic things. They’ve made their own Advent wreathe, ornaments, and (if they’re a hardcore crafter) their own peg doll Nativity set.

You’re crafting Catholic friend will love Little Meadows, a small business Etsy shop run by Ginny Sheller. She’s a wife and mama to eight littles, and they live together on a homestead in Virginia. She’s a crafty Catholic who creates yarn out of natural dyes.

If your crafting friend isn’t a yarn person, check out Ginny’s gorgeous naturally hand-dyed head scarfs and homemade cherry little bird shawl pins. She also stocks homemade goat milk soap and gorgeous photos of their farm.

12. For the joyful (and well-accessorized) Catholic


This Catholic friend is contagiously joyful. They constantly inspire you to be grateful and pause and enjoy all the blessings God has given you.

If you’re wanting to give them a gift inspired by the joy they have in their hearts, Pink Salt Riot is the place to go. The company is all about spreading joy in a world that sorely lacks it. Jill Simon designs jewelry, decor, and stationary to inspire joy in our daily lives.

Check out each one of the gorgeous collections, including the Augustine collection, the JPII Letter Collection, and the Marian collection (my favorite!)