A Letter to the Woman Longing for Gratitude


- Dr. Susan Muto is the executive director of the Epiphany Association and is dean of the Epiphany Academy of Formative Spirituality

- Susan's first book with Ave Maria Press is 'Twelve Little Ways to Transform Your Heart: Lessons in Holiness and Evangelization from St. Therese of Lisieux'. 

- The book that Susan and I discussed in this episode is 'Gratefulness: The Habit of a Grace-Filled Life'. 

- Susan loves Saint Juliana of Norwich - find out more about this incredible woman's story here

- Susan also mentions the incredible witness of Walter J. Ciszek S.J. . You can read more about his story in the book 'He Leadeth Me'. 

- If you're looking for another great resource about how to practice gratitude in your daily life, check out Ann Voskamp's 'One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are'. 

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A Letter to the Imperfect Catholic Mom


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- Colleen is a writer, wife, and a mother to six kids. You can find out more about her writing (and her other passion: photography!) over at her website

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- Want to read more about how we as women can fight against the lie that we have to know perfectly the best course of action for our family? Check out this article, 'Mommy Wars vs. Culture Wars Fight'. 

- Blessed is She has an incredible article on self-care for Catholic women - check it out here

- If you’re looking for the best way to love your family, one of the most beneficial things you can do is to love your spouse. In other words, identify first as spouses then as parents. Check out this article I wrote for Aleteia where I chatted with a clinical psychologist about how to balance littles and the sacrament of marriage. 

- Colleen mentions Natural Family Planning - if you want to learn more about NFP, you can listen to 'A Letter to the Woman Who Wants to Know More About Her Fertility' with Breanna Elley-McLemore. Another great resource that expands on Colleen's thoughts is The Sinner's Guide to Natural Family Planning by Simcha Fisher. 

- Want to dive into Good Enough is Good Enough: Confessions of an Imperfect Catholic Mom with a group of women? Colleen mentions this great resource for bringing this book into a small group setting. 

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A Letter to the Woman Who Doesn't Have it All Together


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- You're going to want to dig into Sarah's book, 'Emotional Virtue', which we discussed in today's episode. 

- You can visit Sarah online at emotionalvirtue.com

- Sarah's work can also be found at Chastity Project

- Find Sarah on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

- A book that I've been reading with my women's accountability group discusses the idea of being God's beloved. Check out Henri Nouwen's 'Life of the Beloved' for learning more about being the beloved. 

- I first met Sarah Swafford at SEEK, which is a FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) conference. Find more about FOCUS here, and check out what's coming up for SEEK 2019

- FOCUS also hosts a Student Leadership Summit (SLS). The next SLS isn't until 2020, but click here to find out more about what went down at SLS 2018! 


A Letter to the Woman Experiencing Infertility


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Understand Your Health Through Your Cycle

- I first encountered Connie though an episode of the 'Made For Love Catholic Podcast' from the USCCB. You can listen to that episode - 'Love that is Fruitful in Infertility' here

- You'll love Connie's blog, 'Tales from the Valley', where she blogs about her experience as a Catholic woman who experiences infertility. 

- Connie's experience with infertility includes MRKH. You can find more about MRKH here. If you (or someone you know!) who is Catholic and has MRKH, Connie's blog is such a place of encouragement. Contact her to find out more about a secret group on Facebook for women who experience MRKH. 

- Connie and I mention a quote from St. Josemaria Escriva on infertility. You can find that quote and Connie's thoughts on the saint's wisdom over here at her blog post, 'Saint Josemaria on Marriage and Infertility'. 

- Connie and I both loved Haley Stewart's blog post 'Things You Don’t Have to Do to Be a Holy Catholic Woman'.

- A book that Joseph and I found incredibly helpful when it came to discerning adoption is Adoption: Room for One Morewhich is published by Pauline Books and Media. 

-  Current research has shown that the stress levels of women with infertility are equivalent to women with cancer, AIDS or heart disease, so there is no question about infertility resulting in enormous stress. You can read more about the impact of infertility on women's hearts and minds here

A Letter to the Woman Who's Grieving


Show Notes

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- Paula D'Arcy is a writer, retreat leader, and conference and seminar speaker. She travels widely in the United States, Canada, and abroad. She is also President of Red Bird Foundation, which supports the growth and spiritual development of those in need as well as those invested in the opening of the heart and the healing of this world. You can find more about Red Bird Foundation here

- Paula has written some absolutely incredible books. We discussed her latest, Winter of the Heart: Finding Your Way Through the Mystery of Grief. She's also published:

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