7 QT 56: Book writing, pour overs, and rainy days

Happy Saturday eve! The weekend is almost here and that means a family wedding and brunch with friends! But before we bust a move on the wedding dance floor (and take the obligatory Langr wedding selfies!), here's a quick look back on the adventures we've had over the past few weeks: 

1. Writing a book is hard

Just before writing these quick takes, I sent off my first draft of the book project I'm writing to my editor. Already, I've learned quite a few things from this project.

For one, writing a book is hard work. It's actually a lot harder than I'd thought it would be.

Also, trips to Dunkin' Donuts (and cans of Dr. Pepper) are great motivators. After I finish typing this up, I'm headed upstairs to snag a Dr. Pepper that I promised myself after sending in the first draft.

Procrastination is REAL, folks. This week I even resorted to washing and folding the laundry in my efforts to not write a book. I hate laundry with the passion of a thousand suns. So if I'm folding laundry willingly (before the laundry basket has started overflowing, even), you know it's bad. 

But I've also learned that if Jesus has a plan to work through my writing and speak to the hearts of women, I'm not strong enough to wreck that plan. Please continue to keep this project in your prayers!


2. Pour-overs are saving my life right now


Have you ever thought that coffee from a coffee shop tastes different than the kind of coffee you make at home? Have you ever wondered what the secret is to attaining that flavor from the comfort of your kitchen? A couple of weeks ago,  I discovered the secret: the pour over.

Now, I'm not an expert at pour-over coffee by any means. One day this week I had to make two pour overs in the morning because I accidentally punched a hole through the filter and just poured all the coffee grounds into my coffee cup. 

But dang, when I make it right, it tastes good. Also, the fact that it takes a little longer to make (and more intentional effort!) has stopped me from drinking my regular 2 cups a day. So it's healthier for you, too. Why are you still reading this? Get up and go buy yourself one of these. I'll wait. 


3. Dunkin Donuts Mystery Solver

Last Monday night, I casually swung by Dunkin Donuts at 7pm (no, caffeine does not affect me anymore) with my sister, Reagan. I was all lined up for my free coffee of any size after a home game of the Kansas City Royals. But I didn't get too far before the barista stopped and let me know that the promotion is only applicable in Missouri. 

So that's why my last "free" coffees have cost me. Mystery solved. But, in good caffeine news, Dunkin' sent me a free coffee of my choice, so all has been redeemed. 


4. Shhhh. . . .this is a silent retreat

Last weekend, Joseph and I went on a silent retreat together. It had been a while since I'd been on silent retreat, so I was excited. My inner homeschooled introvert was very pumped. 

But there's nothing like a silent retreat to reveal just how much you actually talk. Which in my case is . . . a lot. I talk a lot. Blame my external processing, but it was much harder than expected to be silent over the weekend.

When I was talking to a friend about his experience with silent retreats, he told me that one time he'd been on silent retreat and written down a page and half of jokes and puns that came to him during silence. I didn't reach that point during last weekend's retreat, but I did have a list going of things I wanted to ask Joseph after the silence ended.

Granted, most of the questions were things like: "Where did I leave my wallet" and "Did you remember to turn of the AC when we left the house". But by the time the silence ended, I found my wallet and remembered that I turned off the AC. Don't worry, I also took time for prayer! 


5. Rain, rain, go away. No come back. We need you. 

It's been a dry summer here in Kansas and this week was full of storm clouds and rain puddles. As much as I love going to sleep in rainy weather (it's like nature's white noise machine!), rainy day after rainy day can leave me feeling gloomy and unmotivated - see the first quick take. 

On the bright side, I barely had to water my outside plants this week. 

The rain brought with it some beautiful fall weather, which was awesome. I'm now ready for pumpkin spice everything and some chunky fall knit sweaters. But, it's Kansas, so naturally it's 92 degrees outside today. Come on weather, make up your dang mind. 


6. Go bods!

This week, Joseph and I took a road trip to my alma mater, Washburn University. The Catholic Campus Center at WU invited me to give a talk at their freshmen orientation on how to stay Catholic in college - keep an eye out for a blog post on the topic soon! 

It's crazy to think that freshman year was just five short years ago - and that Joseph and I have been out of college for almost two years. It was great to visit the center again and get to know the newest students on campus. 


7. Wilson is . . . well, Wilson

Wilson asked me to give you a quick update on his life since he has been feeling left out of the quick takes lately. He's doing great - as hoppy as ever. Last night he devoured a carrot (typical rabbit move), and has been shedding like crazy. Aren't animals supposed to not shed as cold weather gets closer? Anyway, Wilson sends you all his love.