7 QT 49: Camping, cameras, and queso

Happy Friday friends - we're almost to the weekend! This week, Joseph was out of town for a business trip - but he's back now and we're hitting the road again this weekend. We're headed to a friend's wedding, then off to see family for Father's Day celebrations. 

Before we head out on the wedding dance floor, here's a quick look back on the adventures the Langrs have had over the past few days:


1. Camp coffee is the best coffee


Last weekend, Joseph and I hit the trails for our first camping trip of the summer. It was a gorgeous night out, and we found a great campsite by the lake. But it wasn't too far into our 4.5 mile hike that Joseph started picking ticks off of his shoes and socks. By the time we got the campsite, about 3 or 4 dozen ticks had landed on him. I wish I was exaggerating. 

Strangely, I didn't end up with any more than 2 ticks on my arms. I think I'm either too sweet for the ticks, or Joseph's place in front made him more susceptible to the little blood suckers. Either way, I'm not complaining. I'm also a total failure of a camping partner when it comes to pulling off ticks. Those little bugs freak me out, so I wasn't much help when it came to detaching ticks the next morning.

We brought the supplies for s'mores on the trip, too. But the muggy weather left our marshmallows squishier than ever. Our chocolate bar melted into liquid. And yes, it did rain - but we didn't get wet! Our gear held up great, and it looks like we're almost ready to go for a Colorado vacation this summer! 


2. Lights, camera, action

Today I'm sitting down with Shalom Television's WOMAN team for a sound and mic check for an upcoming interview. That's right, this podcasting, behind-the-scenes girl is going to be on TV.

I'm used to sharing my morning cup of coffee with my podcast guests, but this is a whole new ballgame! I'm excited to share with you the episode when it airs - don't worry, I'll keep you updated! 


3. Let the good times roll

Ben Rector, one of Joseph and I's favorite singer/songwriters, announced his tour dates and locations this week. Thanks to a fantastic local radio station, we scored tickets a day earlier than the general public sales. 

Want to know more about who Ben Rector is and how Joseph and I went to the same Ben Rector concert before we even knew each other and stood a few rows apart? Click here. 


4. Just call me the laundry queen

Without a doubt, laundry is my absolute least favorite chore to do around the house. I mean, does anyone have a 'favorite' chore? But Wednesday, I buckled down and did all the laundry. All of it - towels, bedding, and clothes. In one day. It's even folded and put back where it belongs.

The good thing is, I shouldn't have to touch the washing machine for at least a solid six days. The bad thing is that now I know I can do it all in one day, and I have no excuses to procrastinate. 


5. Annulments are, well, squishy


This week on 'Letters to Women', I sat down with Lisa Madrid Duffy. She experienced an unwanted divorce and later went through the annulment process during a time of healing. Now, she's written multiple books about the subject and spends time coaching others through the pain of a divorce and annulment. She shared her story and talked about what an annulment is (and, more importantly, what it isn't). Check out our conversation here


6. Bring on the awkward reception photos

Every wedding that Joseph and I go to, we make sure to take some fun pictures at the reception. We have some great ones of us posing with the tornado warning sign and the soap dispensers. Keep an eye out for next week's 7 quick takes to see the wild and crazy photo shoot results! 


7. The search for the holy grail of Mexican food

Since moving to Kansas City, I've been on the lookout for some good Mexican food. To be honest, I only have two criteria with which I judge a Mexican restaurant. First, they have to have an a la carte menu - sometimes, a girl just wants an extra side of rice. Second, they have to be just as good if not better as 'El Mezcal', a Mexican restaurant in my home town known for it's delicious queso dip. 

This week, I had a committee meeting at a local Mexican restaurant, and the search for my favorite taco spot in Kansas City may have ended. They have fantastic queso dip, beautiful guac, and they make a mean sangria. If you're in the KC area, hit up Manny's - and support a beautiful local family to boot!