7 Quick Takes Friday, Volume 01.

01. Welcome Wilson! 

Last weekend we brought Wilson into the Langr home. So far we have found out that he is litter trained (!!) and that he likes to chew carpet. Also, pictured here is his favorite cat toy. He's kind of a work in progress (aren't we all!) but it has been so nice to have someone else around the house during the day while Joseph is gone at work. 

I'm pretty sure this is what my face looked like when I noticed his carpet chewing. "Willllssssooooonnn!!" 

I'm pretty sure this is what my face looked like when I noticed his carpet chewing. "Willllssssooooonnn!!" 

I'm pretty sure this was not what Pope Francis was talking about when he talked about Catholic families and rabbits. . . but oh well. 

02. Florida bound! 

This was from her first day at Disney! We can't wait to see her. 

This was from her first day at Disney! We can't wait to see her. 

I haven't seen my little sister, Mady, in over three months.  She's interning in Florida at Disney and we're headed out to see her soon. This will also be my first time ever on a roller coaster. I'll let you know how it goes! 

03. I like big books and I cannot lie. 

Because I blog from home for a living, that means I don't have the traditional 9 - 5 work experience. And even though I'm an introvert, I miss 'water-cooler' conversations and seeing different people everyday. But because I don't like spending $$ on coffee, I've ended up in the library to work and I love it! 

Speaking of libraries, I found this Verily Magazine article that talks about how many different things libraries offer. Check it out! 

"For you, this may look like a well-lit table with an outlet for your laptop and no one counting the minutes until you vacate. Whether you’re escaping home or taking advantage of free Wi-Fi, libraries offer an alternative to busy coffee shops. No librarian will ever expect you to pay for your seat in caffeinated drinks and scones."

04. Speaking of books. . . 


I'm normally not a mystery novel type of person, but a friend tipped me off to the author, Louise Penny and I can't put her books down. She writes about the quiet little town of Three Pines in Canada and I can't get enough of her.  

The main character in the series is named Armand Gamache, so I freaked out when I saw this abandoned hotel on one of Joseph and I's adventures. 

05. Thrift store finds 

When we moved to the Kansas City area, I was on the hunt for a good thrift store. I found one! It's called Elephant Tree and I love their consignment option. You bring in clothes and then they keep them on consignment for three months. Then you get back what doesn't sell. 

The credit I have from selling my old clothes was then used to buy some things for our trip to Florida! If you're in the area, you should check them out. And buy my clothes - nothing like a little shameless self promotion.

06. Coffee shop reunions 

I'd been looking forward to Tuesday of this week for the past two months! My maid of honor, Mary, had been traveling the world and I hadn't seen her forever. This week she was back in town and the reunion was oh-so-sweet. And it involved coffee. Of course. 

07. Oh, and some more books. 

Never have I ever . . . . read the Harry Potter series. But after reading Haley's post about it here, I wanted to give them a try. Luckily, Joseph's mom had the whole series at her house, so I borrowed them when we visited last week. I think they'll be the perfect beach book in Florida, since we all know that I won't be swimming in the fish-infested waters.