Being Pro-Life in the Culture of Death

Pro-life activists stand for life in the modern world, and are often insulted, mocked, and criticized.  Irish statesman Edmund Burke once said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”  American Christian pro-life individuals respond to the call of Justice Clarence Thomas to stand against evil, and yet they still suffer from the persecution from their own country, media, and fellow Christians.   


American government in the modern culture is incredibly pro-choice, and in accordance, pro-death.  Beginning with the legal decision in Roe v. Wade in 1973, Americans who value life and the belief that life begins at conception have worked tirelessly to promote pro-life legislature.  Yet a government who does not credit their power to be God-given would naturally not stand for life granted to God.   The federal government has in fact jailed multiple activists in response to peaceful gatherings.  Ultimately, Christians are called to be Christian before they are American, and to respect the office held by the official, but not the immoral actions of the holder of the position.  The American government, with its blatant anti-life stand, has been a main persecutor of the pro-life activist.

The media has also aligned themselves with a pro-death stance.  Media, representing the politically correct opinion, slanders and belittles the pro-life American.  They label pro-life activists as radical, violent, and haters of all women.  In the media’s eyes, the pro-life activists who organize themselves to stand with moral courage are rabble-rousing protesters who should be treated and punished as such.  With the average American relying on the media heavily for information, the pro-life American is found to have enemies before he or she even can speak.  The media in the modern culture is heavily anti-life and is the main distributor of hatred towards the pro-life activist.

The pro-life activist at some times finds himself without the reassurance of even his fellow Christian standing alongside him.  With the “convenience” of modern religion, Christians find themselves being able to justify their pro-death stance for the call of women’s rights.  When even a fellow brother in Christ cannot find the courage to stand up for life, the pro-life activist is left to stand in Christ alone through struggle.  Yet the loss of fellowship to strengthen the stance, added to the persecution from fellow Christians takes wear on morally courageous activists.  Suffering from the opinions and discrimination of a hypocritical Christian is also an opposition a pro-life activist faces.

The American government, the media, and the activist’s fellow Christian oppose the American who stands for life in a culture of death.  Justice Clarence Thomas urges pro-life activists to “continue the struggle without counting the cost or worrying about the outcome.”  Small, embattled and generally despised, but indomitable and active pro-life individuals and organizations exhibit the moral courage Justice Thomas talks about and encourage us to practice this courage in our lives.  

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