Why Do Catholics . . . Need the Catechism?

Hello to all!  Sorry for the delayed post.  I have been incredibly busy with a new job interview,  school, new job training, school, rearranging of schedules,  reading Jane Eyre, work, and even more school.  So the blog took a back seat for a couple of days.  But I'm back!

If you did not already know, the Holy Father has declared that this year is the year of Faith (live it, love it, learn it!).  In our diocese, twenty parishes are offering a 4 week course/lecture series on the Catechism. 

I thought, "Well, I know the Baltimore Catechism.  I'm pretty knowledgeable in how to navigate around the actual Catechism, and I love my faith.  Sign me up!" 

The first class was tonight.  I am attending it with my mom and my little 6 month old sister.  It is an hour long class, and I would love to share with you what I learned tonight.

Isn't Jesus Enough?

Number one question asked by our Protestant brothers and sisters concerning the Catechism: "What is up with Catholics?  Seriously?  Aren't Jesus' words in the Bible enough for you guys?"  Or something along these lines. 

Yes.  Christ has told us all we need to know.  The problem is, new situations arise.  Our teacher explained it likes this:

"I had my second child when my first child was two years old.  As young parents, my wife and I told my first son everything he needed to know about how to treat his new little brother: 'Be gentle.'  That was all he needed to know - just be gentle.  Yet new situations would arise and he would have to be explained further on what 'Be Gentle' meant.  Being gentle meant not pushing your brother down the stairs, pushing him - at. all.  Poking his eyes, pinching his cheeks to hard or yelling by him when he was sleeping.  When new situations arise, he would be given further explanation on what 'Be Gentle' meant in this new context."

So, once again, Yes.  Christ as told us everything, but new situations arise.  Christ's words are simple, and are lives are ridiculously complex.  If we need anything, we need some simplicity!  In the words of Matthew Kelly: "You never hear anyone say, 'Gosh, I wish my life was more complex.'"

Like Pope Gregory said: "Learning grows with the one who reads it." 

Basically, Catholic don't add to the truth of Christ, we rather apply it to our lives by developing our faith, thought, prayer, trust in the Holy Spirit and the Catholic Church's teachings.

I have another three full pages on notes, but I think I'll stop here for the night - after all, I have to be up early tomorrow for more job training!

God bless you all!

Chloe M.

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