Where to find me 

You can find my writing all over the Catholic web! Check out my articles and blog posts on these different websites: 

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Aleteia is a worldwide Catholic network. I write regularly on the site about marriage, life as a young Catholic, psychology, literature, and family life. You can see all of my articles here. 


epic pew

Epic Pew is the #1 source for Catholic humor, news, quizzes, videos and more fun. You'll find me writing weekly articles about the Catholic faith, as well as book reviews and news articles. I am also currently the editor of the site. 


catholic singles

Even though I'm married, I still love to write about the season of singleness and relationships. You can find me writing weekly on their blog!


Project illuminate

Project Illuminate is a lay missionary outreach built to evangelize to the family. I write on their blog, Fully Alive, bimonthly. You can watch me on Fully Alive Live, too!


catholic beer club

After writing an article on Catholic Beer Club, I also wrote a guest article over on their blog.