A Letter to the Woman Who's a Working Mom


- This podcast is sponsored by Chews Life, my favorite Catholic company for the little saints-in-the-making in your life. Chews life provides a wide of products offered by the company, including rosaries, decade rosaries, bracelets, pacifier clips, and Divine Mercy teethers.

- You can find JoAnna’s blog, The Catholic Working Mother, on Patheos.

- If you’re a Catholic working mom, you’re not alone. JoAnna started a Facebook group for Catholic Working Mothers that you can find here.

- JoAnna and I’s conversation reminded me of one of my favorite pieces of writing from Haley Stewart from Candles for Michaelmas, “Things You Don’t Have to Do to Be a Holy Catholic Woman”

- JoAnna mentioned one of my favorite pieces of writing from Saint Pope John Paul II, his 1995 “Letter to Women”. Check it out and read it if you haven’t ever read it before!