A Letter to the Woman Who Thinks She Isn't Worthy

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- If you haven't seen Speaking to Sparrows yet, take a few minutes to watch it here. You'll love how they encourage women to find courage to confront the uncomfortable. 

- Interested in hosting a screening, finding a screening near you, or keeping updated on when the film is available to buy, rent or stream? You can find all that information here

- You're going to want to discover more about Speaking to Sparrows. You can find all the information on Liz and Janine's website

- Liz and Janine also mentioned their non-profit organization, Project LIGHT. You can explore their website and encounter their ministry over on their website! My favorite part of their website was their resources for women page

- Want to support Liz and Janine's newest film for men? You can donate to Project LIGHT Ministries here