A Letter to the Woman Running Towards Christ


If you want to join Johnna and the Catholic Women Run challenge, you can join 150 other women over here and sign up today. You can find more information about the running challenge on Johnna's blog, and the Catholic Women Run website

You can read more of Johnna's thoughts on Theology of the Body, Catholicism, and running here! Johnna talks about how running can be incorporated with liturgical living. Check out her blog about it over here.

Johnna mentioned the Pray as You Go App, which you can find here

We talked about podcasts that Johnna likes to listen to while she runs. Check out The Liturgy Guys, and The Catholic Feminist Podcast

Visit Catholic Women Run on Facebook for updates on the Advent challenge (and if you aren't up for Advent, check out their updates for the Lent challenge! 

Lastly, Johnna mentions the four aspects of the feminine genius. Want to know more about receptivity, sensitivity, generosity, and maternity? You can find all of them in this blog link-up with four amazing Catholic women bloggers.