A Letter to the Woman Who Doesn't Have it All Together


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- You're going to want to dig into Sarah's book, 'Emotional Virtue', which we discussed in today's episode. 

- You can visit Sarah online at emotionalvirtue.com

- Sarah's work can also be found at Chastity Project

- Find Sarah on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

- A book that I've been reading with my women's accountability group discusses the idea of being God's beloved. Check out Henri Nouwen's 'Life of the Beloved' for learning more about being the beloved. 

- I first met Sarah Swafford at SEEK, which is a FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) conference. Find more about FOCUS here, and check out what's coming up for SEEK 2019

- FOCUS also hosts a Student Leadership Summit (SLS). The next SLS isn't until 2020, but click here to find out more about what went down at SLS 2018!