A Letter to the Woman Struggling with Comparison

Emily Hannon.png

- I first found Emily's thoughts on comparison through her article Overcoming Comparison When I Really Was Craving Connection over at FemCatholic! Her thoughts are beautiful, go check them out! 

- FemCatholic also has a forum group on Facebook where some great conversations about comparison and community happen. Check it out here

- Emily mentioned writing down things she's thankful for in her life each night. If you're looking for more tips on keeping a gratitude journal, here are some great ones. 

- Your first identity is that your God's beloved, and that doesn't change based on what your vocation is or what your Instagram profile is. Want to know more about this identity? Dive into Life of the Beloved by Henri Nouwen. 

- Emily mentioned that's she is reading Saint Pope John Paul II's Letter to Women (that's one of my favorites, too!). If you've never read the letter, you can find it here! 

Other women are contributing in a unique way, and so are you. There’s no need to compete
— Emily Hannon