A Letter to the Woman Who's An Introvert


- Sarah Burns blogs over at Little Tabernacle. She also writes for Epic Pew

- Sarah appeared on 'Letters to Women' in the first days of the podcast. Check out "A Letter to the Woman Who Wants to Read More", where Sarah and I discuss our favorite books and how to learn to love reading. 

- We also talk about self-care (and what that buzz word really means) on this episode. If you want to learn more about how to reject the lies the world has told us about self-care, check out this blog post about how to embrace healthy, holistic self-care.

- Practicing the presence of God in the present moment is something that Brother Lawrence writes about beautifully. Check out this book to learn more about this concept. 

- If you're in the Kansas City area, check out City on a Hill, which hosts Tuesdays at the Boulevard, an event that Sarah and I mentioned in this episode. 

- Want to know how being an introvert fits with the New Evangelization? Check out this article on how to encounter others and invite them into a relationship with the Lord. 

- We mentioned a few personality tests in this episode including the four temperaments quiz and Meyers-Briggs

- Sarah and I talk about how we live out the call to spiritual motherhood. Spiritual motherhood isn't second-rate motherhood. You can read more about how to dive into your own spiritual motherhood here