A Letter to the Woman Defining Her Personal Style

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Today’s world is confused about the very basics: the value of human life, the meaning and purpose of sexuality, why beauty matters, and what exactly constitutes as true freedom.

In this episode, I’m talking with Mary Sheehan Warren, who teaches consumer behavior and fashion marketing at the Catholic University of America. She’s also the leader of the Fashion Intelligence Project, an organization dedicated to human dignity and sustainable fashion consumption. We talk about what’s changed in recent years when it comes to our culture and the way we communicate as women, defining our personal style, and why human dignity should be valued at all costs.

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Topics we talked about in this episode:

  • Culture, communication, and community in the world today

  • Knowing when you’re off-balanced when it comes to appearances

  • The key staples we should all have in our closet

  • Investing in clothing without feelin guilty

  • Respecting the dignity of others with our clothing purchases

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