A Letter to the Woman Moving from Fear to Freedom


I don’t have any tattoos, but if I was to ever get one, I know exactly what it’d be – the words “Be not Afraid,” written in the handwriting of John Paul II. Those words are so dear to my heart that they’re engraved on the inside of both Joseph and I’s wedding band.

John Paul II begin his amazing papacy with that brave cry. Throughout my story as a Catholic woman, his words encouraged me to let go of the fear that paralyzed me and exchange it for trust in the Lord. To trust in His divine providence and mercy.

Little by little, I’ve learned to let go of what makes me afraid and ask God for the grace of trust. This doesn't meant that everything make sense and I'm never afraid. But the phrase "Be Not Afraid" has been with me through so many trials.

In today’s episode of Letters to Women, I’m talking with Kaitlyn Clare Mason about how to move from fear to freedom. She shares the five keys things that have helped her in her own interior life, and we talk about her amazing ministry that helps women encountering unexpected pregnancy situations.

Topics we talked about in this episode:

  • Our favorite resources for overcoming fear and anxiety

  • Why listing what makes us feel insecure helps us move from fear to freedom

  • How God has redeemed Kaityln’s story

  • Surrendering fear to the Lord

  • Overcoming stigmas around seeking help

  • The mission of Mary Garden Showers

  • Ways to come alongside loved ones who experience anxiety

Resources you should check out after listening to this episode:

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