A Letter to the Woman Who Wants to Share Jesus

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- Become a missionary with Saint Paul's Outreach

- The God Ask: A Fresh, Biblical Approach to Support Raising by Steve Shadrach

- I've written several blog posts on my own dating fast, which you can find here: 
   - Falling in love with authentic love
   - What I didn't know when I went on a dating fast
   - Fourteen days into the journey
   - I went on a dating fast and it didn't ruin my love life. 

- School of the New Evangelization talks from
   - 2014
   - 2015 
   - 2016

- If you'd like to contact Mary with questions about her work with Saint Paul's Outreach, her e-mail is mary.khadivi@spo.org

Photo credit to Jina Williams Photography 

Photo credit to Jina Williams Photography