A Letter to the Woman Who's Afraid of Not Being Enough

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From a very early age, women are told both explicitly and implicitly that their worth is determined by what they look like. Our world offers a standard of beauty and as women, we spend a lot of our time measuring ourselves up to that standard. I remember distinctly being twelve years old and trying on clothes in my room. I looked in the mirror and I can remember thinking “You aren’t beautiful. You don’t look like the women in advertisements. You don’t even look like the women you know. You aren’t beautiful.”

Leah Darrow appeared on America’s Next Top Model and was in a successful modeling career. But she discovered how a focus on physical beauty alone lead to a culture of use. Today, Leah and I talk about how true and lasting beauty can only be found in a relationship with God. The desire that we have for beauty isn’t a bad thing – but it does reveal that we actually are desiring true beauty, the beauty of God. I hope you enjoy the show!

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Topics we talked about in this episode:

  • How Leah left behind a career as a model in search of something more

  • Why you should be desiring beauty

  • Redefining our terms when it comes to beauty, fashion, and personality

  • Beauty is an attribute of God, and how we desire God when we desire beauty

  • Holiness and wholeness

  • Aquinas and the three elements of beauty

  • Assessing our clothing and makeup choices

  • Why beauty and clothing aren’t inherently evil

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