A Letter to the Woman Who Wants to Read More


Show Notes: 

Sarah and I both recommend GoodReads for keeping track of your to-read list and find great reading recommendations. 

You can use this website to find a book club near you. 

Anthony Esolen has lectures on the Divine Comedy, which you can find here. He also has some free lectures available, such as this one. You can also find lectures on Dante and the Divine Comedy by other great Catholic names (like Bishop Barron!) in this list

Death in Kristin Lavransdatter

Under Her Heart - Motherhood in Kristin Lavransdatter

If you're looking for other great literature recommendations, check out 15 Suggestions for Literature That Will Feed Your Soul by Susanna Spencer. 

Sarah and I mentioned quite a few books in this podcast. If you're interested in checking any of our recommendations out, please consider finding them through these Amazon affiliate links. It helps me keep producing the podcast!