A Letter to the Woman Struggling with an All-Male Priesthood


- Johnna first came on Letters to Women to talk about Catholic Women Run, an organization that challenges not only women’s workout routines but also their prayer life. Check out that episode here, then head over to Catholic Women Run.

- If you want to hear more about Johnna’s story of discernment, check out her article over on FemCatholic, “Why I Didn’t Become a Priest

- Another great FemCatholic article that Johnna and I both mention is “The Female Priesthood: What I Learned and What I Know Now” by Emily Archer.

- One sacrament that women are called to be ministers in is the sacrament of marriage. I shared how Joseph and I skipped out on a popular Catholic wedding tradition at our wedding and how that emphasized our roles as ministers of the sacrament. Read more about it (and see our wedding pictures!) here.