A Letter to the Woman Navigating Social Media Today

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Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, iTunes, the list goes on and on. When it comes to navigating today’s world of social media as Catholic women, we almost need a field guide. How do we avoid getting sucked into the time warp that is Instagram scrolling? When do we need to step away and when do we need to step up and speak up?

Today, I’m talking with two Catholic social media influencers, Sarah and Amy. They’re two women who create Catholic content online, and they share their stories, tips, and tricks for interacting with social media. We talk about building up others, listening to the promptings and inspirations of the Holy Spirit, and honing in on your passions while remaining authentic.

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Topics we talked about in this episode:

  • Why Catholics shouldn’t just log off all social media and call it a day

  • The inspiration behind Amy and Sara’s blogs and why they talk about their faith online

  • Making conscious decisions about social media usage

  • Building community online

  • Listening to the promptings and inspirations of the Holy Spirit

  • Finding joy in lifting other women up

  • Not being afraid of the waiting seasons

  • How to hone in on your passions

  • The universal call to authenticity

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