A Letter to the Woman Filling Out Her Online Dating Profile


Swipe left, swipe right. Online dating is growing more popular by the day, but is it for you? I loved visiting with Christina Peterson in today’s show. She met her husband, Greg, online and shared their story along with her favorite tips and hints when it comes to filling out your online dating profile. This podcast episode is packed with practical information and real life online dating success stories - enjoy!

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Topics we talked about in this episode:

  • How Christina and Greg met on Catholic Match

  • What dating apps and websites Catholic singles should explore

  • How to respond when asked about your online dating profile

  • Avoiding the online dating catalog mentality

  • Why you should share your online dating journey with friends

  • Taking rejection like a champ

  • Remembering that your worth comes from God

  • Why there’s no one right way to find your future spouse

  • Why “online dating” is a misnomer

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