A Letter to the Woman Desiring Fuller Feminine Friendships


Show Notes 

- Katrina is involved with City on a Hill young adult ministries in the Kansas City area. If you're a KC area listener, check out their website

- Katrina makes some stellar comparisons between dating and friendships. I also mentioned this article from Verily Magazine called 3 Dating Tricks You Can Also Use to Make New Friends as an Adult.  Check out these articles from Verily for more 

- I recently wrote a couple of blogs about feminine friendship inspired by Katrina and I's conversation. Check out '3 Things to Keep in Mind if You're Struggling with Feminine Friendship', 'How to Help (Step by Step) When Women in Your Life are Suffering', and 'These Tricks Will Help Your Long Distance Relationships Thrive'. 

- If you're wanting to plug into women in your area who are also striving towards sainthood, check out Blessed Is She. Not only do they have community online for women, but also coordinate brunches so you can meet women face-to-face. 

- You can find my Patreon page here