6 Women Share How Quitting Birth Control Improved Their Health


When I mention that I chart my fertility using a fertility awareness based method (known as FABM for short), it’s not uncommon for people to ask questions — and a lot of them.

FABMs are misunderstood in today’s culture. Often mistaken for the rhythm method of the 1900s, natural fertility methods are often skipped over as unreliable and outdated. But in reality, FABMs are rooted in scientific data and offer a holistic approach to women’s health.

Recently, I interviewed six women about their experience switching from a hormonal birth control to a natural method of fertility awareness. Some of the women are married, many are single. Some are still in college, others are middle-aged. Many of them went on the pill because they didn’t think they had any other options, and quite a few of them experienced negative health side effects from their time on birth control.

As unique as each story is, each of the women discussed the moment they knew they wanted to make a change and what the biggest benefits to their health FABMs have made in their life. Collectively, their stories reveal the freedom that comes from knowing how our bodies and our fertility work as women.

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