Everyday Liturgical Living


The Catholic Church invites us to live liturgically - but that can be a scary invitation. Between Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, Ordinary Time and the enormous amount of saint feast days, it can be hard to keep track of all of the days of celebration, not to mention celebrate them. 

For those of us without littles here on earth, or those of us living the single life, liturgical living can be even more of a challenge. While there are tons of great resources out there for moms of little kids about how to make their home into a domestic church (complete with coloring pictures that complement the feast of the day), there aren't many resources out there for those of us who are trying to incorporate the beauty of liturgical living into our ordinary, everyday lives while we're living solo or with our spouse

So when Jessica asked me to review her liturgical living calendar, I couldn't have been more excited. 

The calendar is gorgeous and easy to read and understand. Jessica's story behind the calendar is equally as beautiful: 

"As a Catholic convert myself and new to the idea of liturgical seasons, I was inspired to create modern calendars to help me, my family, and other families navigate the wealth of daily resources available through the Church," Jessica wrote. "These calendars offer seasonal liturgical colors, daily readings, feast days, and sacred art by current and classical artists. By celebrating liturgical seasons at home, we can experience the full "mystery of Christ from Incarnation and Nativity through his Ascension, to Pentecost and the expectation of the blessed hope of the coming of the Lord” (Catechism 1194)." 

The calendar follows the Ordinary Form of the Catholic Liturgy and cover the full liturgical year. Seasonal liturgical colors are explained around the outer rim of the calendar. Holy days of obligation are found in the center, and feast days line the bottom of the poster. 

The paper quality is great - not too thin so I didn't tear it when I framed it to hang. It's beautiful to see someone with great talent channel it into creating something for the glory of God - and that's just what Jessica is doing with this calendar and her other works, too

When you order a liturgical calendar through Telos Art, they can also customize the saints and feast days you want to remember on the bottom of your poster. 

With this great calendar to keep track of the liturgical year, celebrating feast days is much easier. When you know that Saint Dominic's feast day is coming up (August 8th!) you have time to plan a rosary with friends to honor this saint who Mary gave the rosary prayer too. If you know your patron saint's feast day is on the calendar for the month, you can throw a small party with friends to celebrate that saint's life. 

I love how this calendar can be hung up in the hallway or over our dining room table as a good reminder of where we are at in the Church's year of celebration. 

I'm so excited to offer Old Fashioned Girl readers $5 off the Telos Art 2018 Liturgical Calendar with the special code AUG17B! (Keep an eye out for some sales coming to her shop this weekend as she joins women at the Edel gathering!)

But you can also enter my give-away to win your own copy of the calendar, too! 

The winner of the liturgical calendar is Audrey Flack! Thank you so much for all who entered!