What Dr. Jordan Peterson Can Teach Young, Catholic Singles


Dr. Jordan Peterson, a Canadian psychologist and professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, is making waves on social media with his hours-long lectures and no-fluff advice. He’s gained internet fame for his skill of translating complex ideology into simple, understandable conversations. And people are listening up. His lecture, “Introduction the Idea of God” has more than 1.6 million views. In fact, Peterson’s lectures that approach Christianity from a psychological perspective are his most popular videos.

Peterson’s advice and lectures should be taken with a grain of salt. In an article published by Catholic Herald, Brandon McGinley writes, “If the Church is to baptize ‘Jordan Peterson the internet sensation’, it must be for his reputation as an authentic and awe-filled truth-seeker, not as a politically incorrect provocateur. His sincere reverence for the awesome reality of the human person is a potent antidote for a civilization whose spirit has been oppressed by secularism and nihilism. And if, God willing, the Church is to baptize Jordan Peterson the man, let us pray that the grace of the sacrament washes away his commitment to individualism and replaces it with an integrated view of the human person, striving not for the greatness of alpha status in a world of brutes but for the greatness of communion with the God who is love.”

Peterson does offer advice particularly relevant to single adults living in today’s world. 

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