9 Gifts for New Dads That Honor Their Fatherhood


Normally I talk quite a bit about the feminine genius on this blog, but today I wanted to shine a spotlight on the strength of the masculine genius.

Joseph and I are so excited to welcome our son or daughter, and I wanted to get Joseph a gift this Christmas that especially focuses on his fatherhood.

After coming up with a short list of ideas, I turned to the internet for more suggestions. But I was disappointed by what I saw.

Many gifts featured in articles painted fatherhood as a joke, or worse, an inconvenience to men. Some gifts made it seem that all men are inherently incompetent when it comes to raising children. Others seemed to infantilize new dads, portraying them as just one of the kids. Far too many “new dad kits” were filled with beer, jokingly suggesting that the only way a new dad was going to survive was if he had some alcohol to help.

After discussing my frustration with friends, I wanted to offer some gift suggestions for new dads in your life that honor their masculinity and fatherhood.

Check out my nine gift picks over at Aleteia!