The Catholic Church’s Tough Teachings Saved This Man’s Marriage


By the early 2000s, Dr. David Anders shared just one thing in common with his wife – contempt for each other.

“My wife and I  were held together only by the barest thread of duty to our children and a vow that I regretted with all my heart,” Dr. Anders reflects.

It would have been easy for the couple to split ways. But today, Dr. Anders and his wife, Jill, are thriving in their marriage. It’s not because they spent hours in marriage therapy. Instead, the radical change in their love life is thanks to their acceptance of the Church’s teachings on marriage.

In The Catholic Church Saved My Marriage: Discovering Hidden Grace in the Sacrament of Matrimony, Dr. Anders shares his personal discovery of the beauty of Catholic marriage. In addition to sharing his own life lessons, he also tackles subjects like divorce, gay marriage, and contraception.

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