An Old Fashioned Defense of the Paper Planner

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Our smart phones are, well, smart. They contain everything you need to plan and organize your schedule. But, as the old fashioned girl that I am, I'm living up to my blog name and relying on the good ol' paper planner this year. 

Joseph and I both use Google calendars to coordinate our schedules. When we were engaged, it was great to be able to view both of our schedules at once. But now that we plan our schedules in person together, I was ready to switch back to the paper planners I loved during college. 

In a world full of technology, it may seem backward to go back to paper planners - but here are the benefits I've seen in the past few days of getting back into the swing of using a paper planner: 



I love having my schedule laid out, but the calendar app on my phone can become a little bit more complicated than I like. 

For example, I love scheduling my weekly meeting with my women's small group. But since I know where everyone lives, why do I still put in the address of where we're meeting every time I plug the meeting into my phone calendar? Now I just write "Sisterhood" - and keep the rest of the details in my head. 

My paper planner is simple and uncomplicated (or, as simple and uncomplicated as I want it to be). I love the ability to customize how I write things thanks to an old fashioned pen. 


My paper planner helps me remember much more than dates

Yes, I use my planner to write out my work schedule and times for coffee dates. But I also use it to write out quick to-do lists, which has been a life-saver. No more loose sticky notes floating around my work desk! 

I can also jot in what novenas I'm praying as a daily reminder to say prayers. Physically jotting down my prayer time in the morning has also been a great reminder to treat my morning time with God just like I would treat an important appointment I wrote down in my planner. 


I've found that my planner encourages intentionality

My paper planner doesn't ding to remind me that I have a meeting in 30 minutes. It actually doesn't make any sounds at all (that is, except when I drop it down the stairs accidentally). 

I don't have to turn on the blue light for my paper planner after 8:00 pm so it doesn't cause eye-strain. It never runs out of battery. And, it also has encouraged intentionality. When someone asks me if I'm busy next week, I have no excuse to say "Well, let me get back with you". Instead, I have a physical reminder of my schedule sitting in my bag. 

I know exactly when my schedule starts to get crowded, and having a planner has helped me be more conscience of what I do throughout the day. I also am less easily distracted when I go to put something in my planner. Because it has one purpose, I don't get distracted in my messages and e-mails on the way to confirm an appointment. 


A few of my favorites . . . 

Now, this isn't to say that I've ditched my digital calendar. I still pull it up to check our family calendar. But I love having the paper planner as my go-to during the day.

Are you intrigued? Want to join me in this old fashioned revolution? Here are a few of my favorite planners from around the web. 


1. Blessed is She planner

Blessed is She has created the ultimate Catholic woman's dream planner. It's a 12 month planner that's designed by Erica of Be a Heart designs. Unfortunately, this planner was a little bit out of my price range - and to add another wrench to my plans, it's out of stock. But I wanted to include it in this list so we can all bookmark it for a Christmas gift this year. 

What I love: I'm a big fan of the little touches. So the fact that this planner comes in full color and uses Liturgical colors throughout the year made me smile. And if pockets on dresses are the best thing ever, pockets in planners come in at a close second. I loved the double sided pocket in this planner- perfect for storing odds and ends! 


2. The Chaos Coordinator planner

We all have chaos we need to coordinate - and that's exactly where this planner comes in. The planner is 7.5" x 9.25", so a great portable size. It's printed on gorgeous, bright paper and the cover has a matte finish. 

You're going to want to take a look inside (and you'll love the price tag on this planner if you're shopping on a budget). 

What I love: First, that name. 100 points for honesty. But I also loved how this planner lets you see your schedule a week at a time thanks to their two-page spread design. 


3. The Catholic Through The Year planner

If you're looking for a comprehensive Catholic planner, look no further than this liturgical day book. It includes a great section on prayer, quotes from the saints, references from the Catechism and a list of common prayers. It was created using the Roman Missal as a liturgical guide. It doesn't get more Catholic than that. 

You're going to want to check out the spiritual sketch section of this planner. 

What I love: We all want a gorgeous Catholic planner, but our budget sometimes refuses. I loved how this unique planner can be purchased as a PDF for under $10, or printed for just $30. Bonus? Shipping is always free. 

4. The Panda planner

The Panda Planner uses undated 3 month, 3 sections, so it covers monthly, weekly, and daily organization. If you love bonus gifts, this planner is for you. When you purchase the Panda Planner, you get access to 7 free e-books and a mini video course that helps you get organized. Topics covered include procrastination, getting in shape, and getting rid of anxiety. 

You're going to want to check out the gratitude journal part of this planner. 

What I love: This planner was created with a scientific approach to productivity and happiness. It also helps you tackle procrastination thanks to their goal setting section. And who can resist a cute panda? 


5. Faith and Fabric Design's Catholic planner for women

Unlike all of the other planners on this list, this planner by Faith and Fabric is customizable in print just for you. There are nine different areas that are personalized just to your liking. 

You're going to want to see how you can customize a planner exactly to your needs. 

Fabric and Faith talks about the custom designs that they've created in the past: "For the faith-filled woman who has a busy life, full-time job, and active involvement in her community. She opted for a traditional setup, where each of the seven customizable planner headers reflect the seven days of the week. She is striving to pray the rosary each night before bed, so uses the tracker bubbles to help her reach her goal." 

What I love: I love the authenticity and customization ability of this planner. It often seems like an impossible task to find the perfect planner. But Fabric and Faith does a beautiful job of designing a planner exactly the way you like it. 


6. Katie Daisy planner

I'm a sucker for some good floral patterns and hand lettering. So you can bet that this Katie Daisy planner caught my eye while scrolling through Amazon. There's a reason this planner is the #1 best seller in art calendars. 

If you think the inside of this planner is gorgeous, you'll want to check out the cute cover

What I love: You get your moneys-worth of planner with Katie Daisy. The planner runs August through December, so you get 17 months. I also loved how the planner uses wired-O binding - no more bending your planner so that it will stay open while you plan out your day. 


7. TJ Maxx and HomeGoods

Nope, it's not a specific planner recommendation. But if you're a lover of beautiful things and gorgeous covers of planners, stop by your nearest TJ Maxx or HomeGoods store. There you'll find a great selection.


As a bonus, since it's already almost March, they're almost guaranteed to be on clearance. I picked up this beauty for a mere $4.00.  I love the magnetic clasp that keeps the planner closed in my purse. 


What I love: You can't beat the selection. You'll find everything from daily to monthly calendars at your local TJ Maxx. And, while you're there, you can pick up a cute floral top and a towel for your kitchen. What more could you need? 


Are you an old-fashioned paper planner lover? Or do you prefer the new-fangled digital way? *