7 Quick Takes Friday Volume 6

01. The podcast is out and ready for listening! 

After weeks of preparation, the podcast is here! You can click the photo above to listen to the first three episodes! Here's a sneak peek!

- In episode one, I briefly introduce Saint Pope John Paul II's 1995 Letter to Women and the feminine genius. 

- In episode two, I interview Mary Mooradian (my mom!!) and ask her about spiritual motherhood.

- In episode three, I interview my dear friend and maid of honor, Mary Khadivi. We visit about Mary's upcoming mission work with Saint Paul's Outreach! 

02. Don't mind me, I'm just taking pictures of food 

Well, I've become that person - the one taking pictures of food. But Joseph and I stretched the contents of our fridge this week and made a meal using leftovers. Check out the turkey sausage hamburgers, homemade fries, and coleslaw we had earlier on in the week!

Part of me loves when we have ran through the recipes for the week already and have to put together something from leftovers. It's like a cooking show. "What can Chloe make with just leftover vegetables, cabbage and a little bit of frozen meat?" 

03. On the bookshelf this week 

I'm slllowwwly chugging away on my goal to read 52 books this year I'm up to 10! Oh, wait, it's already June!?

This week I went to the library and snatched some books that I've been looking forward to reading. I'm excited to start John Steinbecks' East of Eden and give  Dave Eggers' The Circle a try. Has anyone read these before? 

04. Follow Friday 

Are you on Instagram? Check out my #FollowFriday post to find some great, inspirational women to follow! 

05. Celebrating the Visitation 

My favorite feast day from this week was the visitation! Check out my post over on Epic Pew to find out 8 cool facts about the feast. Then you can check out my post on feminine friendship and Mama Mary over on the blog! 

06. It's training week! 

There are some stellar people in my life who are all in training this week! My little sister Mady left Florida only to make a road trip to Colorado for the summer to work at Camp Wojtyla. Another little sister, Reagan, is in training for Totus Tuus summer camp in the archdiocese. And my friend Mary is in training to become a missionary for Saint Paul's Outreach! Please keep these awesome women in your prayers! 

07. The Weekly Wilson Apperance 

Wilson probably looks a little glum in this picture. Poor Wilson has had a rough week. He's not a big fan of loud noises like rain, wind, and (as we've discovered this week), the annual tree trimming at our apartment complex. To make matters worse, I accidentally dropped a pen off the counter and into his cage and he FREAKED. With strength that I didn't know he had, he bolted out of his cage (yes, the door was locked) and dashed to hide underneath his favorite chair. 

I hope he doesn't remember that he has the mighty strength to bust out of his cage. Hopefully rabbits' memories are as good as the memory of a gold fish.