7 Quick Takes Volume 5

01. I'm thankful for thankful neighbors. 


Due to some crazy wind, the spinach plant from the neighbor above us took an awful tumble off of their balcony and into our bushes. Joseph and I were out and about outside and rescued the plant and delivered it back up to it's owner. She wasn't home, but when she got back she left us a cute thank you note on our door. 

Dear neighbor,

Thank you for rescuing my plant!! The storm and wind must have knocked it off my balcony. It's a spinach plant; if you ever want some fresh spinach, I owe you some :) 

Your neighbor from above.

Wilson says yes, we should ask for spinach leaves. 

02. April showers brought May flowers

We had friends over for dinner on Sunday night and one of them brought over this gorgeous bouquet. It is doing a stellar job brightening up the apartment, since rain and storms have been in the forecast all week. 

03. Homemade Panera 

Joseph and I use the eMeals plan for our meal planning. It's a plan that puts together a grocery list and recipes to use throughout the week. We love it! My favorite meal this week was this Italian chicken salad with warm pita bread. When dinner looks like it could have been from Panera, I'd call that a success! 

04. The new glasses have arrived! 

My brand new (not gaudy) glasses were finished on Wednesday! I love them - the cat eye is a new experiment for me. They're light weight and haven't given me a single headache that I usually go through with a new pair of glasses. 

05. Podcast countdown - 6 days!

The first three episodes of Letters to Women - exploring the feminine genius are recorded! Now just to finish the edits, add a couple of songs and finalize their publication. Stay tuned! The episodes will be available to listen to next Thursday! 

06. Friday Artwalks 

Last Friday night, Joseph and I explored our downtown third Friday art walk. It was great - and so nice to explore a little bit of the town that we hadn't seen yet. We stopped in at a local art gallery, went to a record store and tasted wine. 

And, bonus, the theme of the art walk was "dog's night out," so dogs were EVERYWHERE. So it was a wonderful night. 

07. Clean rabbits 

I never realized how clean rabbits were until we got Wilson. He spends quite a bit of his day cleaning his fur. We caught him cleaning his ears last night and snagged a quick video of it for your enjoyment. After all, what is a 7 Quick Takes without a Wilson appearance?