7QT 41: Restaurant hopping, deep sleep, and bookshelves

Happy Friday! It has been a crazy week in the Langr house. Joseph spent the week in Arizona while I stayed up here in Kansas City (mostly writing and drinking coffee, let's be honest). I'm so excited to go pick him up from the airport, but before I jump into the Prius and head his way, let's take a quick look back on this week: 

1. A local restaurant hop

Before Joseph left for the week, we wanted to have a night out last weekend. Saturday night, we decided to explore some Kansas City restaurants together. Two summers ago, we picked four restaurants in KC and got our appetizers, main course, dessert, and drinks at different spots. Saturday we picked three spots - we split a green chile and honey hamburger, ate German food, and ended up at our favorite ice cream spot in KC - Betty Rae's. Take a look at just a small portion of their incredible menu - yep, those are all ice cream flavors: 


Going out for dessert is so tricky for us. I'm sure there are tons of fantastic place to stop and get dessert in KC. But our favorite ice cream spot is so dang good. We're always afraid that if we go somewhere else, we'll regret it and think 'Gosh dangit, we could have been eating our favorite ice cream right now." 

Betty Rae's featured flavor right now is 'Chicken and Waffles'. Yes, it has chicken pieces in it. Nope, I didn't taste it. You'll have to ask Joseph what it was like. I'm not one to put meat chunks in my ice cream. We both ended up with a scoop of our all time favorite flavor: lavender and honey. If you're ever in KC, stop by Betty Rae's - and make sure you get their homemade waffle cones. You won't regret it! 

Are you a KC native? Do you have any favorite dessert spots we should try out?


2. Whoa, this is the greatest show!

I finally caught up with the rest of the world and watched 'The Greatest Showman' for the first time Wednesday night. Some friends came over for dinner and then we settled in to watch. It was fantastic. I'll probably have more thoughts later that may turn into a separate blog post, but for now, all you need to know is that this is what I'll be like in my car today. 

3. Deep sleep

I've been wearing my Ava bracelet for almost a week now and I love seeing all this extra data. My favorite data to watch load in the morning is my sleep patterns. I've discovered that I have a lot less deep (REM) sleep than average.  Joseph was gone in Arizona all week for a work conference, so I had the bed all to myself. I wasn't sure how I'd sleep without him there, but it turns out that I had the best deep sleep I've ever had when he was gone. We'll see how my sleep patterns are next week! 


4. And in the parish there was adoration, E I E I O

After listening to Father's homily on Sunday about the importance of recognizing Christ in the Eucharist, I decided to sign up for a morning adoration hour at our parish.

Joseph and I have an adoration hour together on Monday nights. I love sitting with Jesus in the quiet night. It's peaceful and quiet - perfect reading time. Wednesday morning holy hours? Not so much. It turns out that band practice for the Catholic school at our parish is also Wednesday mornings at 9:00am. My adoration prayers were a mix of spending time with the Lord in Scripture and trying to stop myself from humming along with 'Old McDonald', complete with a brass trumpet section. 


5. The mail man thinks we're crazy

I don't know what our mail man thinks of us, but if I were to wager a guess, he's probably wondering what the heck we're ordering to get so many packages. Turns out they're all books sent to me by publishers for review or podcast guests. But there hasn't been many days this week where I haven't gotten a package.


Check out this stack of books that I'm working through - I can't wait to share them with you on the blog and on the podcast!


6. Too many books? I think you mean not enough bookshelves

A good friend gave us her two bookshelves when she moved, and I was so excited. I stored them in my parents house, but when I was over for a visit on Monday night, I took one home with me. They're big bookshelves - 72 inches long - so it took up almost all of my car. But dang it, I was able to get that shelf home.


Before we watched 'The Greatest Showman' I asked the girls to help me get the bookcase out of the car and into our basement. Isn't it gorgeous? We're building up quite the little library and I'm so excited. Good thing there's still one more bookshelf of the same size to pick up from my parents . . . I think we're going to need it. 


7. A letter to the woman experiencing infertility

This week, I was so blessed to sit down with Connie Poulos and chat about her experience with infertility as a Catholic woman. If you're a woman who experiences infertility, she wants you to know that you're not alone. You're His daughter. Take a listen to the episode here