7QT 25: Elusive eggnog lattes, leftover nachos, and oil changes


Advent is almost here! Before you light the first purple candle and dig into your Advent devotional, let's take a quick look back on this week! 

1. In search of the elusive eggnog latte

Okay friends, I need some help. I'm craving an eggnog latte, but don't want to hit up Starbucks (because, well, money and this). Where is your go-to place for a great eggnog latte this time of year? Or better, do you have tips on how to make one at home? 

2. Our cars are winter ready

I never changed my own oil before - I usually just drove to the mechanics and let them have my car keys, buried my nose in a book for an hour, and then drove off in a freshly changed car. But Joseph is incredibly handy with cars, so we now change our own oil. Yes, dear readers, we. You know the nurse in the operating room who hands the doctors the tools he needs? I'm that for Joseph, but with oil changes. So while I don't know exactly how to change the oil, I can explain to you the how and why of the process. Baby steps, baby steps. Give me a little bit and I'll be confidently changing my own oil. 

3. Running (towards Christ)

In high school, I ran my fair share of 5K's and put my miles in on the treadmill and the roads around our house. But then college hit me like a freight train and my running shoes gathered a shameful amount of dust. But now, since I've graduated college and kind of have a handle on adult life, I've been feeling the nudge to try running. So when Johnna from Catholic Women Run contacted me about a podcast topic and an Advent challenge she's helped put together, I couldn't say no. Check out Johnna's interview over on this week's podcast and sign up for the challenge. Hurry though! The challenge starts December 4th! 

4. I like book wreathes and I cannot lie

Tomorrow is a much needed craft day with a good friend, and I cannot wait to try my hand at making this book wreath. More than likely, knowing my abhorrent lack of craft skills, it will be a Pinterest fail, but we'll just have to wait and see. I'll post pictures next week either way. Hopefully we can all admire the wreath in next week's 7QT, but if not, we'll get some good laughs out if it. Is there a patron saint of craft projects? I need to find out stat. 

5. Iron chef, Thanksgiving leftover edition

Joseph and I are almost finished with the Turkey leftovers from last week's lunch. Our two favorite ways to eat leftovers were sweet potato risotto and leftover nachos. Check those nachos out, they were pretty tasty! Taco-bout a great way to get rid of some turkey!



6. Rooted in Hope


Thanks to an incredibly generous give-away, I'm now the proud owner of a copy of Rooted in Hope! I can't wait to spend Advent with it. What are your reading devotional plans for Advent? 


7. Moving in t-minus 7 days!

Our move in date is next Friday - we're so excited! We still haven't packed much, and last night the reality of the fact that we're moving next week hit both Joseph and I. I can tell you what we'll be doing this week! It's been tough to pack up, actually. We have a lot of beautiful memories in this little apartment and it will be hard to leave. Keep us in your prayers this week! 

p.s. Remember my radio interview from last week? You can listen to the audio here