7QT 58: Growing babies and Wilson snuggles


Happy Saturday eve! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been able to share my 7 Quick Takes with you all! Morning sickness has wiped me out over the past couple of weeks, and I’m playing catch-up on a lot of things - including this blog! This 7 Quick Takes is a hodge-podge of a couple of week’s adventures in the Langr house!

1. Rain, wind, go away, we wanted to fly balloons today!


A few weekends ago we took a road trip to Topeka to be on a hot air balloon crew. It’s been Joseph and I’s tradition to crew for balloons every fall, but this year the weather didn’t want to cooperate. We were hoping for a flight for Friday night or Saturday morning since we had to head back to Kansas City for a weekend wedding. Sadly, we never got to help the balloons take off or glow, but the crew got a flight in on Sunday morning that looked gorgeous! Maybe next year, with a little baby in tow, the weather will be good!

2. Langr wedding selfies


No wedding would be complete without a few Langr selfies! We snuck outside for this shot.


We loved how the bride and groom put disposable cameras on the dinner tables, so most of our selfies were with the camera. We did have a friend take a photo of us at the reception! The venue was gorgeous and so was the ceremony. Congratulations, Torin and Ashley! We loved celebrating your day with you.

3. Growing, growing, growing

I wasn’t expecting to grow out of my non-maternity jeans so quickly, but we’re bumping into week 8 and my jeans are not as friendly as they once were. So we’re off on a mini-shopping trip this weekend to see if I can snag a pair of maternity pants to grow with me. This baby isn’t that big yet, but I think they’re a huge fan of having their own personal bubble, and are pushing my organs out of the way to achieve the goal.

4. Young, married, and social

We recently helped start a new group at our parish for young married couples! We wanted to get to know other people in a similar season of life, and be able to encourage each other in our vocations. Last weekend, we helped host a happy hour at the parish rectory. 10 couples came and we had a blast getting to know them! We can’t wait for our next social event. We even made it on our parish Instagram story!

If you’re a young couple in the Kansas City area who’s been married for less than 5 years, send me an e-mail! I’d love to get you connected to our new group.


5. Speak(er) up

Last Friday we took a road trip to Lawrence for a benefit sale hosted by For Your Ears Only. Their an organization that reads magazines and newspapers out loud so that people with vision impairment can still get the news. The sale included vintage records, CDs (which are almost a vintage item, I guess?) and donated audio equipment.

We snagged a pair of Martin Logan speakers (a locally made brand!) for a fraction of the cost and had a lot of fun this past week playing with their sound. Currently their set up with our Amazon Alexa, and she’s never sounded better! We’re hoping eventually to use them in a surround sound system.

6. Maybe I work better under pressure

The final draft of my book project with Our Sunday Visitor is due mid-December. Since morning sickness has gotten the best of me these past few weeks, I’m a little bit behind in projects. But this week I’ve been setting miniature deadlines for myself and working on the book project. Please keep the project, this little baby, and myself in your prayers! Every time that I sit down to write, I don’t feel so hot, so I don’t think the baby is a huge fan of writing!

7. Cuddling Wilson


Wilson and I snuggled up a few nights ago for some quality time. He’s shedding like nobody’s business - which doesn’t make too much since given the fact that the first day of fall is tomorrow. Maybe he’s our own farmer’s almanac and is warning us of a warm winter. That’d be fine with me!