7 QT 50: Puppies, selfies, and pixies


Happy Friday, friends! It seems like this week has flown by at super speed - here's a quick look at the latest Langr adventures! 


1. Adventures in dog sitting


I'm watching Gemma, this gorgeous pup, twice a week for a friend. I love a break in the middle of the day and a chance to play with a dog! We've spent time playing outside. On Wednesday, we attempted to meet the mail man (Gemma was not a fan). Over the past few weeks, I've become a master referee between Gemma and a little kitten who lives in the same house. I'm just making sure they don't eat each other. But look at that face! How could she possibly do anything bad? 


2. Goodbye pixie cut, hello summer bob

I took a trip down to my local Great Clips and trimmed my hair this weekend into a summer bob. I've been growing out my pixie cut for quite a while now - and it's been an experience, let me tell you. The hair on the back of my head grows approximately 3,589 times faster than the hair on the sides and front, leaving me with a perpetual mullet. Joseph tells me the mullet is iconic look, but I tend to disagree. I think I accidentally prayed for patience and Jesus gave me the inspiration to try growing out my hair :P

When I sat down in the chair, I mentioned to the hairdresser that I had a pixie not too long ago and I was growing it out to a long bob. She looked at me like I had 3 heads, so I explained what I was looking for a little more. After I was done, she breathed a sigh of relief and said "I thought you said you wanted a pixie but wanted to only have the back that short and the rest look like a bob. I'm so glad you explained more!"

So I came this close to having my pixie back. But only the back. 


3. Totally fan-girling


This morning, I was honored to sit down with Lisa Mladinich, Carrell Jamilano, and Audrey Assad in an interview for 'WOMAN: Strong Faith, True Beauty', a television show on Shalom World. The episode doesn't air until later in the summer, but I can't wait to share our conversations with you! 

It was beautiful to hear Audrey share her witness and story - I love her music ('I Shall Not Want' is one of my favorites), so getting to be on the show with her was incredible. Of course we grabbed a selfie. 


4. Celebrating the feminine genius


In March, I attended the GIVEN KC conference. This week, some of the women who attended the conference got together for dips, desserts, and de-briefing from the conference. It was a beautiful night of exploring the feminine genius! Are you a woman in the Kansas City area who wants to find out more about what the feminine genius is? Mark your calendars for March 2, 2019 and join us at the next GIVEN KC


5. Don't mind us, we're just taking weird selfies at your wedding reception


It's a Langr wedding tradition to take selfies (during the reception, of course) with the most random things at the reception location. Normal people probably take pictures with the bride and groom. We take pictures with signs that remind us the legal drinking age is 21. 


Or sweaty outside selfies in which Joseph looks like he's about to hurl.


Just a reminder that we're both still one of the kids. As if we needed a reminder ;) Congratulations, Cody and Liz! Your wedding was gorgeous and we had a blast at the reception! 


6. On the bookshelf this week

Slower summers at the bookstore leave a lot of room for reading. After waiting for 384 people to finish "12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos" by Dr. Jordan Peterson, I picked it up from the library last week. Now I'm quickly flipping through pages and reading as fast as I can so that the 150 people waiting for their turn to read can get the book as soon as possible.

The other book I'm enjoying right now is "When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment" by Ryan T. Anderson. It's been an interesting read that touches on biology, psychology, and philosophy. It's not nearly as popular at the library, so I have my fingers crossed for being able to renew it and take it at a little slower speed than Dr. Peterson's book. 


7. It's wedding season!

This weekend Joseph and I are headed out of town for our second June wedding . Stay tuned for next week's 7 Quick Takes which will include our latest wedding selfies - we'll see if Joseph looks as queasy!