7 QT 47: Garage sales, deals, and unique coffee mugs

Happy first Friday of June, friends! This week has been a busy week, but we're looking forward to having a relaxing weekend with family. But before Friday draws to a close and brings the weekend with it, here's a quick look at the adventures around the Langr house this week: 

1. Summer reading, summer sales

This week at the bookstore, we set up our summer sale for books. There are some great finds for as much as 40% off! After marking all the books down and spending my day looking at all the great deals, I'll admit, it's going to be a challenge to not bring home my paycheck in books over the summer. 


2. Garage sale

Every year, our parish puts together a huge garage sale in the basement of the church. We brought our donations Monday, we hit the preview sale Wednesday, and we're volunteering to clean and restock tonight. This garage sale is massive - you can find everything from patio grills to legos. At the preview sale, we found some great finds!


3. The deal of the week

On the religious items table, Joseph found a beautiful picture of the Holy Family. We have an icon of the Holy Family in our kitchen, so we picked it up to look at it. Lo and behold, it's much more than just a picture!


When you turn the picture over, there's a small latch. When you open the latch up, you find this: 


It's a sick call kit! If a priest visits to give last rites to someone, he'd use the items found in the kit. We're hoping not to need to use it anytime soon, but what a great find!


4. My love language is unique coffee mugs



The last thing we need around the Langr house is more coffee mugs. We have a set of 8 matching mugs that Joseph bought in college, a variety of quirky cups that I collected, and mugs from trips. But how could we not stop and look at the coffee mugs for sale at the garage sale?

In one of the last boxes, we found this gorgeous mug. It's a hand warmer mug. And hand. warmer. mug. It's also homemade (by someone in 2009 according to the bottom of the cup), which makes it that much more endearing. I've only drank coffee out of this mug since Wednesday, and I even brought it to the bookstore with me on Thursday. I think it'll be a favorite of mine for sure. 

5. Oh, this is how pencil skirts are supposed to fit

I've been looking for some comfortable, well-made business casual pieces to add to my wardrobe. One thing that has eluded me is a pencil skirt. At the parish garage sale, I picked up a pencil skirt from Loft and it fits like it was made specifically for me! 

When we were checking out, I also realized that I scored a $100+ dollar shirt from Sundance Catalog for a whopping $1.00 - so good deals abound. 


6. We have room on our bookshelves, right?

One of the first place we headed to at the garage sale was the book section. There we found a copy of the Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic ChurchThe Screwtape Letters, and The Second Greatest Story Every Told by Father Gaitley. We came home and added these books to the growing book stack on our kitchen table. The books joined a stack of books sent for review from a couple different publishers, and some books that a friend brought back from vacation (Lord of the Rings!).

It's a good thing we have a bookshelf stored in my parent's garage. We're going to need it. 


7. It's just getting started

My little sister Mady is walking the Camino in Spain this summer - please keep her and her pilgrim group in your prayers! Joseph and I are dropping her off at the airport tomorrow morning. But before we head out to the airport, we're hitting the garage sale one more time. Saturday is the last day of the sale, so everything is 50% off and you can get a bag of clothes for $1. So while the deals that we've gotten so far this week have been awesome, we'll see what other deals await us tomorrow! 

Have a great weekend!