7QT 39: Sister sleepovers, coffee, and Wilson's wild weekend


It's Friday!! This week has been full of Easter celebrations, sleepovers, and tons of coffee. But before I head out to Dunkin (again), let's take a quick look at the adventures in the Langr house this week:


1. Easter vigil celebrations

Joseph and I were able to spend all of the Triduum at our parish here in Kansas City and it was beautiful! We ended our Holy Week with the Easter Vigil Mass on Saturday night. It's hands down my favorite Mass of the entire year. I mean, what more could a night owl who is also a recovering pyromaniac want? You mean I get to hold a burning candle through part of the Mass? Sign. Me. Up.

After Mass (where nine people were welcomed home into the Catholic Church!) Joseph and I went out for a drink at one of our local bars. Since the KU basketball game was on that night, anything that wasn't a sports bar was beautifully empty. So we had a good portion of the bar to ourselves. Some people go get pancakes after Easter Vigil. The Langrs go out for a beer. I mean, they both are grain products, right?


2. Sister sleepovers

Sofia, my littlest little sister, turns six this month. To celebrate, Joseph and I asked her to spend the night on Easter. She was so excited. There were multiple times during evening when my parents were still here that Sofia would wander up to mom and whisper "Are you guys leaving yet?". She was ready to party.

The next morning, I asked Sofia what she would like to do that day with me. Ice cream? Explore Kansas City? Go play in the snow? "Actually, I just want to play with Wilson and go the dollar store". Oh, to be six years old again! 

Erica from Dot Dot Smile sent us over matching dresses - which were so fun! Sofia loved matching, and asked me to save my size dress so that, when she is older, she can wear it too. 



3. A family of bibliophiles (and caffeine addicts)

Before we hit the road back to my parents house, Sofia and I made two absolutely necessary stops - the library and Dunkin Donuts. Sofia couldn't figure out why she couldn't keep the books she checked out from the KC library and return them in Topeka. But that didn't stop her from picking out eight books. And promptly finishing them all before we got a mile down the road.

We swung by Dunkin and got coffee, hot chocolate, and donuts before heading back to mom and dad's. But before we reached the highway, Sofia was out like a light. We must have worn her out!


4. So this is what real makeup feels like

A dear friend of mine is cleaning up as she gets ready for a big move. After I dropped a very sleepy Sofia back off at my parent's house, I headed over to her place. She gave me a ton of gorgeous clothes and her makeup. 

Tuesday morning I put some of the makeup on and was blown away. Up until now, I've always worn E.L.F. makeup or things I've picked up from Walmart. Not any more - this makeup is incredible (and I'm not a makeup person). I played around with the new makeup, and began to think this was what people must have felt like during the enlightenment. 


5. It's a Dunkin' Donuts kind of . . . week

Sofia and I hit Dunkin on our way out of town, and then I went back to Dunkin Tuesday night. I needed a night to work on some writing projects, and Joseph had guys coming over to the house. I swore this Dunkin closed at 9pm, but it turned out that their lobby closed at 8pm. Since I needed to be away from the house 'til at least 9pm, I figured it was worth it to ask and make sure. The barista quickly told me that she has to stay 'til 9pm to keep the drive though open, so I could stay all the way up to 9pm in the lobby if I wanted to. And of course, I wanted to. 

I'd call that a DunkWIN moment. 

After I finish writing this, I'm headed out to Dunkin again to sample their cold brew and use the last of our T-Mobile Tuesday Dunkin coupons At this point, the people who work at Dunkin totally know me on a first name basis. 


6. The sheriff stops by (again)

The sheriff knows our address quite well (read about our adventures with the sheriff's department here). But even after we cleared up that the person they're looking for doesn't live here anymore, it turns out that message didn't get passed along the lines, yet. The sheriff left another notice on our front door Thursday night. Joseph promptly called the office and cleared things up (again). We'll see if the sheriff shows up at the door again today. 

What must our neighbors think? Don't worry, friends, we swear we're law abiding citizens. 


7. Wilson's wonderful weekend

Wilson had a crazy weekend. Saturday, before leaving for Easter Vigil Mass, Joseph and I let him roam around on his rug of freedom. But we turn the backs on the sneaky little guy for a few seconds and, before you know it, he's up ON TOP OF HIS CAGE. Just sitting there, nonchalantly like it is PERFECTLY NORMAL for him to be on top of his cage, not in it. 

His weekend of fun continued into Easter Sunday, too. He was the center of attention when everyone came over for Easter. The littles were hoping that he'd come out on his rug, but he decided to stay in his cage, protesting. That didn't stop Sofia, though. She promptly began to feed him timothy hay - which may have involved sticking a few pieces up his nose.