7QT 22: Birthdays, Beer, Bowling, and Bunnies

The weekend is here! The weekend is here! Check out the adventures we had in the Langr household this week (and share what happened in your life this week in the comments below!).

1. 'Hoppy' Birthday, Joseph!


Joseph turned 24 this week and we celebrated a little early with friends last weekend. For a long time, he's been wanting to taste different beers brewed by monks. So we had people over and everyone brought a monastic brew to try. I made a ton of food and we caught up with friends we haven't seen in a while. It was a great night. 


In the months leading up to the party, my grandpa and grandma helped me make these incredible beer flight paddles out of an old pallet board, and they were perfect


Even though we sent guests home with them, (Joe, if you're reading this, you need to come back so we can give yours to you!) we still have a lot of beer flights left at our place. Same time next year, guys? 

2. Flannel and Fall Foods

For Halloween this year, we went over to a friend's house for a flannel party. Even though costumes are fun, let's face it, my creativity was pretty low by Tuesday night after work. So tossing on a flannel shirt and throwing some white bean chili in the dutch oven was the perfect way to celebrate. We ate TONS of food, met new people from the KC area and were warm and cozy in our flannel. There were snowflakes during the afternoon of Halloween, which was a good reminder that Fall is on its way out and winter (and CHRISTMAS!!) is coming soon! 

3. Exploring the Feminine Genius!

Adopted Cat Pet Collage.jpg

I'm SO excited to announce a blog link up that I organized for the month of November! Four bloggers are writing on the aspects of the feminine genius - receptivity, sensitivity, generosity, and maternity. You can read more about the series (and the awesome giveaways that go with the posts!) over here on the introduction post. Follow along with us!

4. House Hunters (KC Edition) 

It's official - we turned in our decision to not renew our lease this past weekend. We're looking through a couple of websites to find the ideal place to live next year, and begrudgingly thinking about packing up all of our stuff and moving (in the middle of December - brrr!). We quickly found out that Craigslist probably isn't the best place to look for a spot.

A couple of e-mail inquiries into the search, we ran into quite a few scams - including a seemingly friendly older couple who lived in Massachusetts and wanted to rent their home to us (wink wink). After a few calls, texts, and heated replies, they told us if we didn't want to send all of our personal information over before seeing the house, they didn't want to do business with us. Okay, fine with us! Please keep us in your prayers as we look for a new home! Thank you! 

5. I was quoted in a book!!


Last week a friend tagged me in a picture on Facebook and asked if I knew I was quoted in a book. It turns out, a line from one of my most read pieces over at Epic Pew was picked up and put into a book about the Sacred Heart! I was (and still am!) so pumped!! If you want to read the book in its fullness, check out Anne Costa's book, Healing Promises: The Essential Guide to the Sacred HeartFind it at your local Catholic bookstore! 

6. We went bowling in a Church basement (no, really)


A friend invited us along to a party in the basement of a church in Kansas City. When she mentioned bowling, we did a double take. Bowling? In a church? But when we got there (and entered the church hall through a door with bowling pins for door handles), lo and behold, there was a six lane, old fashioned, bowling alley! We had a blast keeping track of our scores by hand and I threw way to many gutter balls. But in the end, my score was over 50 points and we had a blast. 

7. Wilson's Weekly Update

Nothing crazy happening in the wild world of Wilson this week! He is getting more comfortable with being petted (and almost let me hold him! Almost!). We're wondering how he'll do with the move - so if anyone has tips on how to make a move better for a rabbit, please leave them in the comments below! Thanks in advance!