7 Quick Takes Friday Volume 9

01. Summer is made for climbing trees

Last Friday night we went on a walk at a local park. We came across the perfect tree climbing tree and couldn't resist! 

02. Our Dentist is . . . . awesome. 

You know how I was worried about going to the dentist this week and being told I had 29 cavities? I had nothing to worry about. Our new dentist is awesome, I have NO cavities or any other dental issues. 

03. Healthy Eatin' and TONS of protein

Joseph and I have been using eMeals to plan our shopping list and weekly menu and we love it. But we decided to start adding a lot more protein into our diet. It's been great - I feel full at night, my body is telling me when to eat and we've started regular workouts. 

This week, I found this podcast on weight gain and this podcast on workouts for women really helpful. Check them out! 

04. Podcast shout out

Last night I was able to visit with an incredibly beautiful woman and talk about how she lives out the feminine genius in her ordinary, daily life. Our podcast together will come out in just under two weeks, so keep an eye out for it! 

In the meantime, check out the latest episode, A Letter to the Woman Struggling with Depression and Anxiety

05. Books on Books on Books

There hasn't been a week that's gone by without me getting a package of books in the mail and I'm not complaining. This week the package from Ave Maria Press had these two beauties inside - I've loved Michele Faehnle and Emily Jaminet's Divine Mercy for Moms so far and can't wait to share it with you!

Speaking of books, I also wrote a review for Matt Fradd's The Porn Myth. My only complaint is that this book wasn't published sooner. Check out my review here! 

06. Progesterone Results

We sat down with our doctor last week and looked at the results from my blood draws. My progesterone is naturally pretty low, so I'll be taking supplements to raise the levels. 

Verily Magazine published an article about progesterone and miscarriage - if you're interested in learning more, check out Women Deserve to Know about this Underreported Way of Preventing Miscarriage with Dr. John Littell. 

07. Wilson!

This week I learned that when bunnies flop over on their side, with their legs stretched out it is a sign that they are relaxed and happy. Wilson has been flopping down all over the place this week! Because I'm not a great rabbit mom, I never have my camera out when he flops over - so I added a quick Youtube video so you can see what it looks like! 

In other Wilson news, our apartment maintenance came by today and commented that Wilson is bigger than his dog.