7 Quick Takes Friday Volume 7

01. Emotional Chastity - not just a 21st century problem 

The first weekend of the month is a big deal in the KC area. Joseph and I adventured out and around the first weekend shops full of antiques and quirky finds. My favorite was this gem - a journal that proved that emotional chastity is . . . well, nothing new. 


"The Him Book : From this day on I'll keep complete a record of all the boys I met. Because among them there may be the one who'll mean the world to me."

I mean, what was a girl to do before Facebook? 

02. Conquering my dislike of sweet potatoes 


Okay, ignore the not-so-clean stove top and check out this meal we had on Tuesday night. It's a sweet potato and sausage hash with bacon, eggs and spinach mixed in. It was so good - which is a lot coming from me because I am not a sweet potato person. The orange color just freaks me out. But this? This was fantastic. 

03. Embracing my natural hair texture 

My hair is a funky combination of wavy, curly, and frizzy. But I'm slowly stepping away from the hair straightener and embracing the texture as my pixie grows out! I'll be sporting this hairstyle much more often, I think. 

04. Full of holes

We're doing a progesterone profile to see if we can find any answers for Marion's miscarriage. It's a series of 4 blood draws in a week, and my arms are bruised up and full of holes. The whole experience is made so much better thanks to the nurse who's doing my blood draws. She's a gem - we laugh the whole time I'm in the office! I love how God sends little gifts, even during not-so-fun adventures. 

05. Adventures of the Dumpster Diving Duo 

After finding a piece of barn wood in one of the antique shops we were at, Joseph and I decided to make a coat rack with the wood and some door knobs I had saved back. We needed one more piece of wood to complete the project, and decided to go on a hunt for a pallet board. We found some scrap wood that did the job nicely and I can't wait to hang this piece up! 

06. Summer nights and KC Jazz

Summer has come to Kansas City and that means JAZZ. Last night we adventured out to a part of KC we've never been to before and listened to a free concert. It was great - and the free concerts continue every week all through the summer! 

07. You all know him, you all love him. . . Wilson! 

Wilson still has his favorite spot underneath our armchairs. It's been so fun this week to see him get super comfortable and lay down underneath the chairs - he'll squish himself down into a Wilson pancake. Of course, I took pictures so you can see, too! 

Squished Wilson: 

As long as he's happy, comfortable and not pooping on our carpet, I'm good!