7QT 31: Freezer burnt cake and judgement free gyms


 It's Friday! For us, that meant sleeping in, dashing outside to take out the trash, and breathing a sigh of relief that the trash truck hadn't been here yet. Thank goodness for the weekend! Before we settle into our second cup of coffee, here's a quick look at the Langr adventures from this week! 


1. You can now find Letters to Women on Breadbox Media!


Not only can you find my podcast, Letters to Women, on iTunes and Google Play, but now you'll also be able to find it on Breadbox Media! Breadbox Media is a Catholic initiative to gather great Catholic podcasts into one list so that you can find them easier. There are some real gems of podcasts - including Catholic Answers! - who host their show on the site, so I'm excited! My archive isn't quite up there yet, but give it a few days and you can browse the archives and support a great Catholic organization at the same time! 


2. Authenticity demands that I buy a webcam

I was incredibly blessed to sit down and chat with Liz and Janine, the women behind the film Speaking to Sparrows, this week. You're going to love their podcast episode that comes out next week - "A Letter to the Woman Who Thinks She Isn't Enough". 

Because I don't have a webcam on our home computer, the little photo of me that pops up during a Skype or Google Hangouts call (instead of my face) is a picture of a latte from my favorite coffee shop back in Topeka. I mean, does that even surprise you at this point? Liz and Janine joked that they would refer to me as "coffee" during our interview, and it would take them a while to get used to sharing their story with a latte.

Gosh dangit, my podcast is all about being authentic and honest. Since I, in fact, do not resemble a latte (although I do probably bleed coffee), authenticity demands that I buy a webcam. So, if you have any recommendations for a great webcam - or a spare webcam taking up dust in your house - let me know! 


3. I can't hear you. . .

If we were to sit down and chat about life over a cup of coffee today, you'd have to lean in to hear me. I've lost my voice - which is humbling and probably good for me. When I laugh, it sounds like a sick, bleeting sheep. 

Hopefully my voice comes back by Wednesday, when I record two podcasts! Either that, or you'll have to listen to me whispering questions to the women on the show and my sheep bleet laughter - that's authentic, right? 


4. Judgement free gyms

After moving into a duplex (and away from our gym at the old apartment complex), we decided to join a gym this week. We wanted to wait 'til February to avoid the New Year's resolution rush. We went with Planet Fitness because, well, it's $10 a month. Wednesday night, we stopped in to get a quick tour and make sure that's what we really wanted. 

I had to stop myself from cracking up as we were told that Planet Fitness is a non-judgement gym. Judgement isn't a bad thing! They judged that we were new customers when we walked in with jeans on instead of workout clothes. They judged that we didn't need the premium membership when I noted I wouldn't be needing to use their tanning beds. Please judge my poor form when I'm lifting weights and help me out, or I'll never get better at lifting!

My favorite part of Planet Fitness is their "lunk alarm." It's siren that is supposed to go off whenever someone grunts too loudly or drops a heavy weight on the floor. Um, judgement much? Oh well. I'm just ready to have a place to run when it's cold outside. 


5. A slow leak

I love my car, I really do. But this week it's pulled several bratty moves and is getting on my bad side. Monday it had a slow leak in it's passenger side tire and then I also discovered a crack on my windshield last Thursday. Come on, Matrix, get it together! The crack probably started out as tiny and fixable, a little baby crack. But, because my windshield was so dirty with the salt and snow, I didn't notice it until it was bigger than a dollar bill - which is, of course, too big to fix.

The windshield issue probably could have been avoided if I kept my windshield clean, but let's not dwell on the could-have-been. The good news is my tire is fixed! And my windshield hasn't shattered, so we're looking on the bright side. 


6. Where we discover cake isn't meant to be eaten after a year


After our wedding last year, we saved a little bit of wedding cake and froze it. We figured we'd pull it out on our one year anniversary and enjoy the memories. Because we forgot to pack it with us to take to Saint Louis (I knew I was forgetting something!), we decided to try it last night.

The memories it could have brought back were halted by the taste of severely freezer burnt cake. It turns out cake isn't meant to be frozen for a year. We should have just ate it the week after our wedding. Oh well, we'll just make a cake this week and enjoy that one. 

If you're getting married soon, don't freeze your cake. Just enjoy it while it's good. If you've recently frozen your wedding cake, pull it out! Enjoy it while you can!! 


7. Wilson snuggles


Wilson is still afraid of hard wood floors, but that means I still get to snuggle with him. He only lets me hold him when I'm able to pick him up from his cage. After I flip him over onto his back (it's how rabbits nurse when they're little), he's as cool as a cucumber. Last night I'm pretty sure he was asleep in my arms. What a cutie (except when he started to poop on me. Oh well, you win some, you loose some. 

What was your highlight of the week? Let me know in the comments! Have a great weekend, friends!