7 Quick Takes Volume 9

01. Ave Maria Press Annoucement 

This week I received a package from Ave Maria Press - they've asked me to write book reviews for the books that they publish about women's and lifestyle topics! Keep an eye out for book reviews coming soon (and maybe some podcasts, too!) 

02. Oh for a historical series without . . . garbage.

Guys. Can we just have one good historical series that doesn't include inappropriate scenes? That'd be awesome. 



I recently revisited F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic, The Great Gatsby. So I was over the moon when Z: The Beginning of Everything popped up in the Amazon Prime Video section. It's the story of Zelda Fitzgerald, the muse and wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald. But it only took a couple of episodes for tons of things I'd rather not watch to pop up.

Oh well, maybe one day. 

03. I scream, you scream, we all scream for $0.12 ice cream! 

Thanks to T-Mobile Tuesdays, Joseph and I have hit up Baskin Robbins twice in the past two weeks. T-Mobile gave out $4 promo cards AND BOGO $0.99 sundaes. Being the thrifty couple we are, we were able to stack the coupons and walk out with a sundae a piece for a grand total of $0.12. I think our budget can handle our big spending. 

04. That tomato shade of tan 

                   That tan line though. . . . 

                   That tan line though. . . . 

Last weekend I spent a day chilling by the pool - well, baking by the pool is probably a better way to phrase it. Even though I put on a good layer of sun screen, a quick swim and forgetting to re-apply meant that I left the pool a deep shade of red. 

Almost a week after the initial burn, I'm slowly beginning to lose my bright red glow . . . annnnnd now the burn is peeling. Oh well, it's summer. 

05. Dreading the dentist 

After moving to a new city, the thing I was not looking forward to was switching over all of our eye doctor and dentist records. To make things even more unpleasant, I hate going to the dentist. But after successfully avoiding setting up an appointment for five months, I decided to bite the bullet and schedule a new patient visit with a local dentist for next week. 

I had such a great experience with our new eye doctor - maybe that's a sign that this transition isn't as bad as I thought. I'll keep you updated after the appointment next week. 

06. Hippo Humor 

Proving that Joseph and I have the sophisticated humor level of second graders, I have to include this video in my seven quick takes (per Joseph's request). If I'd been on top of it, I could have shared footage of our zoo adventures on Sunday with the hippos at our local zoo.

But because we were too busy laughing to capture the hilarity on film, I'll just have to show you this video which almost perfectly sums up what our local hippos treated us to on Sunday. 

07. This Week in Wilson's Life 

Wilson was able to run around and explore the front room without forgetting where his litter box is! 

This upcoming week, my goal is to be able to pick Wilson up - so if anyone has hints on how to transition from just petting a rabbit to snuggling with the rabbit, let me know.