7 Quick Takes Volume 8

01. #NFP, #TOB

The latest episode of the podcast is up! In A Letter to the Woman Who Wants to Know More about Her Fertility, I sit down and have a heart-to-heart with Breanna Elley, a Creighton Fertility Practitioner. We talk about Saint Pope John Paul II, how she came to know about NFP as a nurse and then how she taught Creighton to college students. If you've ever wondered about birth control, NFP or JPII, Breanna is an amazing resource! I hope you enjoy the episode. 

Bonus! This week Letters to Women was featured (along with some other stellar Catholic podcasts) on Epic Pew's list of Catholic Podcasts You Should Be Listening To!  Check out what Epic Pew had to say about the podcast and discover some new podcasts, too! 

02. A walk down memory lane 

I was back in my college town this weekend and loved the chance for a quiet, Sunday stroll around campus. Since it's summer, the place was deserted and I felt like I owned the place - although with the money that I spent on tuition, surely I own 5% of the campus, right? I snapped a quick selfie with the statue of our mascot - the Ichabod. Yes, our mascot is a person. I know. 

03. Edgy hair cut secrets 

I'm growing my pixie cut out to a bob over the summer, but my eventual goal is something like what's pictured above. I love the idea of an undercut - like an edgy secret hidden under layers of hair. And since Joseph isn't a fan of letting me dye my hair a lavender color, this is my second best option. 

I got my hair trimmed this week and the guy who cut it shaped the back into the start of a subtle undercut. So I'm getting there, slow but sure! The best part? Since he only trimmed the back of my growing locks, I only had to pay for the price of a trim instead of a full haircut. Bonus! 

04. A Holy House 

As of Thursday night, our house is officially #Blessed. My spiritual director came over for dinner and officially blessed the house. It was a night of good conversation and a laughter - especially when some of the Holy Water fell on Wilson. He is a baptized, holy bunny now. 

It went much better than what happened when my parents had their house blessed. Our parish priest came over and started the blessing but had to stop after a few sentences. He said, "Whoops! I'm reading the blessing for cemeteries accidentally!" I think our priest was dying to get away from us.  It was a pretty grave situation. 

05. Summer living 


I had an evening to myself this week so I decided to hit the pool. I love swimming, and since we never had a pool growing up and now our apartment has TWO pools, I'm soaking up all the pool goodness (no pun intended). Before I jumped in and swam laps for about an hour, reveling in the fact that I had the whole pool to myself, I relaxed by the side of the pool with a copy of John Steinbecks' East of Eden. 

Nothing screams "I'm a Catholic" like a girl in Jesus sandals and her consecration chain, reading some pool side theology. Loud and proud. 

06. Are you a Catholic blog lover? 

If you love reading Catholic blogs, you'll love the latest series that I've been working on. I interviewed 10 other Catholic bloggers and asked them questions about how they started blogging, what is the most rewarding part of their job, and how they interact in the digital world without getting lost in it. You can check out the first post here - 10 Catholic Bloggers Reveal What They Wish Their Readers Really Knew. Keep your eyes out for the next three parts in the series to come out weekly!

07. What you're really reading this for - Wilson 

This week Wilson is trying to make a break for it and escape from his cage. Despite the fact that he has a huge variety of chew toys at his disposal, he prefers to gnaw on the bars of his cage. 

This face looks so innocent, doesn't it? 

Don't let him fool you. Check out the results of his mischief: 

I keep telling him that if he didn't poop all over the floor when I let him roam around, he wouldn't have to be in the cage. He doesn't listen. Oh well, between him making messes and generally not caring about what I'm saying, I feel like he's good practice for when Joseph and I are parenting toddlers.