7 Quick Takes Volume 21

It's almost the weekend - phew! This week has been (beautiful) crazy, and we're looking forward to a relaxing weekend. How about you? What'd your week look like? Let me know in the comments below. But before we get to the weekend, let's do a quick look at the highlights of this week. 

1. Family pictures and funny faces


Last weekend we took family pictures with all my siblings. Needless to say, it's pretty hard to coordinate that many people - especially when some of us saw family pictures as an opportunity to show off funny faces. 


I'd say this one is Christmas card worthy, right? 

2. When you put a bookworm in a bookstore 


Joseph and I are saving up for a down payment on a house, and one of our cars is probably going to bite the dust sooner than later (I mean, we've put over 225,000 miles on her, so I really can't say much). So I started looking for a part time job so we could put a little more funds in savings. On Monday I sent my resume into a local bookstore, and by Wednesday I'd accepted a part time job working there. Guys, I'm pumped. They have such a wonderful selection of books and other Catholic things, so we'll see how much of the paycheck goes into savings and how much goes into . . . well, books. 

3. Forgetful in the kitchen


We only had one egg left in the fridge, so I put the lonely egg in the butter container in our fridge door. I thought for sure I'd remember it. Or if someone was to open the butter drawer and cause the egg to fall to it's untimely end, it'd be Joseph. But lo and behold, I completely forget the egg was in the butter drawer and SPLAT. I never realized how incredbily challenging it is to clean an egg up off the floor. Lesson learned, next time the egg will stay in its carton. 

4. I'm looking for a hero


In this week's podcast, I got the chance to visit with Maria Morera Johnson, the author of "Super Girls and Halos" and "My Badass Book of Saints". We talked about virtue, heroines and heroes, and how to learn more about the saints. If you want to listen to Maria talk about her favorite Star Trek characters and superheroes and how they connect to the saints, you can check out the episode here

5. This girl finished her gym trial


In September, I signed up for a fitness study with a local women's only gym. 3 weeks, 6 classes, and 3 personal training sessions later, I completed everything required and was able to successfully finish the fitness study! During the study, I learned what a great motivator money is (who would have thought?), so Joseph and I decided to work out more together and motivate ourselves with $30 a month. If we workout 7 times a month, we get to spend the money on dinner or something we've been looking forward to doing. If we don't, the money goes to savings. So, technically, we win either way. Shhhh. 

6. Marriage retreat weekend

Joseph and I are headed to a Living in Love marriage retreat this weekend. We're excited for a restful weekend with plenty of time spent together. Please keep us in your prayers!

7. This week in Wilson's world 


Wilson continues to be motivated by cranberries. He's staying out of trouble, and hasn't chewed anything he wasn't supposed to lately. Thanks to a lot of time out of his cage, he's becoming much more comfortable with us being around him.