7 Quick Takes Volume 19


1. High height adventures


On our third date (two years ago!) Joseph took me to help with a hot air balloon crew. Since that date, we've been returning yearly to help at the balloon rally in Topeka. This year we were able to help on all of the nights and mornings. It makes for early (5:45 am) wake-ups and late bedtimes, but it is. so. worth. it. 

Before the balloon pilot takes off, we have to throw a lot of weight onto the basket so it stays grounded until everything is ready for departure. I'm not sure that my weight made too much of a difference (I ate some protein on the way there, so that helps, right?) but it was a blast. 

Speaking of blasts . . . 

2. The perfect hobby for a couple of pyromaniacs


Another reason that I love balloon crewing is the fire. Let's be honest, ballooning is the perfect hobby for Joseph and I - a couple of pyros at heart. 

3. Okay, one more balloon post


The pictures that come out of the rally are amazing - especially if you're up in the balloons themselves. We were on chasing crew this year, but the pictures are so beautiful. Sunday morning's flight involved a picture perfect landing at the airport and some beautiful views from the fog. 


4. You're never too old for tea parties


Sisterhood, which are small groups for women's fellowship here in Kansas City, kicked off this week with a social and tea party! I haven't been to a tea party in years. Back in grade school, several home school families used to get together for tea parties regularly and we'd bring our favorite stuffed animals. There were no stuffed animals for this tea party though - but there was plenty of amazing women who I was blessed to meet. 


5. I'm this much closer to doing a pull up

This week I had a one-on-one meeting with a trainer at the new gym I'm trying out. It went really well, until she asked me if I'd ever done a pull-up. My response was something along the lines of "HA! No." She encouraged me to give it a go, then walked over the funkiest looking machine I'd ever seen - an assisted pull-up bar. If you've never seen one, it looks something like this: 


Guys. I was able to do five pull-ups with a little bit of help! That's more than I ever thought I'd be able to do. I'll for sure be going back and trying that machine out again. 

6. Patience is not my virtue


Well, I tried. I really did. But long hair is not my thing. So I clipped a coupon for Great Clips and headed off last Friday to chop it all off. IT'S SO GREAT. I've had short hair since my senior year of high school, and given my track record at failing to grow it out, it's probably a cut that's here to stay for a while. 

7. The weekly Wilson apperance! 

This little guy is getting more and more comfortable hanging around Joseph and I. He climbs out of his cage and hangs out with us in the front room a little bit before retreating to his favorite place - under the armchair. But he loves cranberries so much that they're the perfect reward for returning to his cage when free time is done. 

There's been such a difference these past few weeks with how confident he's gotten. We're so proud of him! Go Willlsssooon!