7 Quick Takes Volume 16


1. New at the Langr cafe

I was craving some caramel on this week so I tried my hand at making an iced caramel macchiato - it turned out great! It was really easy and all I had to do was use our automatic drip coffee machine to make the coffee for it. You can find the recipe here and try it out! Let me know what you think! 

2. When your airbnb is made just for you

Joseph and I loaded up the car and took a quick 2 day miniature vacation to Hutchinson, Kansas. We've been wanting to visit the cosmosphere and the salt mines there. It was great to get away for a little while! We stayed in an airbnb during our visit and it perfect. The house was an old farmhouse built in the early 1900s and the room was decorated perfectly. Check it out! 


3. 650 feet under

While on vacation, we got to explore an active salt mine. It was a great afternoon! We put on hard hats and adventured 650 feet below the earth to a museum. 


Because of the great year-round weather and lack of moisture in the air, the salt mine rents out space to a storage company. What do they store down there? Old movie reels and props. Check out these chocolate bars from the Willy Wonka movie! 

4. Away from the city lights

One of my favorite parts about our trip was getting to see the sunset away from all the light pollution in the city. Joseph and I took a walk down a dirt road and found the perfect place to watch the sunset that evening. We were serenaded by the herd of cows across the road from us, who weren't too pumped to see us. 


5. A little taste of the country to bring back home


Megan, our host at the airbnb, gave us a little jar of peach jam to take home with us. It tastes amazing. I made sugar cookies this week and put some of the jam on them and it was delicious! 

6. I found out orange juice and computer keyboards don't mix well. 

Yesterday I was sure that I had broken our keyboard on our computer. In typical clumsy Chloe fashion, I splashed orange juice on the keys. I thought everything was fine until I started typing and realized that somehow, I'd remapped the keys so that the shift key was acting like the control key. Anytime I wanted to type an capital 'I', I shifted to typing in italics instead. We decided to see if it would fix it itself as the keyboard dried out - and lo and behold, this morning it is back to it's old, healthy self again. I appreciate it even more than ever! 

7. Wilson's friend comes to visit


For living right by the highway, we have a lot of nature encounters in our apartment complex. One of our friendly neighborhood rabbits stopped by our patio last night to say hello to Wilson. The little guy was so tiny - we almost missed him when we looked out the window. He stayed for quite a while, peeking through the bike tires, trying to get a glimpse of Wilson. Sadly, the slam of a car door nearby sent him running away before the two rabbits really got a chance to connect. Oh well, maybe he'll come by this weekend!