7 Quick Takes Volume 11

01. Kids say the darndest things 

My little brother Liam made me a birthday card and gave it to me at our family dinner last week. I hung it up on our fridgerator here in the apartment and it makes me smile every time I walk past it. Well, smile and hum 'na na na na. . . Batman!' 

02. Birthday gifts that made perfect sense 

Joseph surprised me on my birthday with 5 gifts - one for each of the senses! The card says "Chloe, being with you makes perfect sense. I love you!" It was so thoughtful and I loved every single one! 

03. We came, we saw, we drank. 

We've been to an event at the Boulevard Brewery, so Joseph and I were excited to get a chance to take a tour! We got up early on Saturday morning and headed over to the brewery with Joseph's mom, cousins, and uncle. It was a blast - and they gave away free beer. We each got to sample three kinds of beer that is brewed at the Boulevard, which made us very 'hoppy' tourists. 

04. To do: Make all of these craft projects 

After the brewery tour, we headed over to the First Weekend art and antique shops downtown. There were so many great craft project ideas, so I'm filing these ones away for when I have more time (and a little more room to spread out my craft supplies!) I love the tin can utensil organizer, it would be perfect for picnics or casual dinner parties! 

05. Check out the latest podcast episode! 

This week I sit down and visit with Kelsie. We have a great heart-to-heart about her experience with same sex attraction. You can listen to the episode on iTunes, Google Play or here on my website! 

06. Old Fashioned Girl has over 400 likes on Facebook . . . so I'm giving away a book! 

The blog's Facebook page officially has 402 likes, and I'm celebrating by giving away. . . a book from my (overflowing) bookshelf! Everyone benefits - you get a chance to read James Day's new book Father Benedict and I get more space on my bookshelf for more books! You can check out my review of the book over on Epic Pew, then you can enter the giveaway here! I'll draw a winner next Thursday. 

07. This week with Wilson 


We had to buy a bag of carrots for a recipe this week and Wilson is in Heaven. He greets me at the door of his cage and snatches the carrots right from my hand. Here's your weekly Wilson closeup!