7 Quick Takes Friday Volume 4


01. The BIG project 

Our bookshelf is officially overrun. Book piles are on the top of the bookshelf. The sides of the bookshelf. This huge stack that's pictured is currently taking up residence on our coffee table. Why all the books? 

I've decided to write my own book.

I'm currently in the research phase (hence the stacks of books) but my goal is to be done in two years. I'll be writing on Catholicism and feminism. . . more to come, so stay tuned!

02. Fresh eyes 

The one thing I was n-o-t looking forward to after moving to a new city was finding new doctors. I'm not a super big fan of eye doctor and dentist appointments anyway (mostly because I'm always told to stop reading at night and how bad of a tooth-brusher I am. Nobody has time for that). 

But this past week I went to our new eye doctor and she is a. gem - one of the kindest, most genuinely interested, and gentlest women I've met. So needless to say, I'll be going back.  I also got a new pair of glasses which will hopefully be debuted on next week's 7 quick takes. I'll give you a teaser - they're a cat eye shape and the colors are a mix of brown, black, purple and yellow. 

And no, they're not as gaudy as they sound. 

03. Joy-filled Fridays 

If your day is not going so hot, take a quick minute to check out this inspirational video.  Jessica, a woman in England, walked down the aisle to her husband on her wedding day - and those were the first steps she had taken in over a decade! You can watch their first dance here - dare you not to cry. 

04. Podcast countdown! 

We're only 13 days away from the release of my new podcast, Letters to Women! Yesterday night, Joseph sat me down and walked me through the technical side of podcasting - where my lack of knowledge for anything electronic reared it's ugly head. I tested the equipment on my own later and I think I know what I'm doing . . . kind of. 

05. Finding my spot

I think I've finally found "my spot" for my coffee writing. It's a little shop that's only a 4 minute drive from the house - which is for sure short enough to bike to during the nice summer months. I've been there four times and I've never had to struggle to find a seat (or an outlet!). To top it off, they also serve waffles. Yes, I think I'll call it home. 

The real question is, are they prepared for my stacks of books to come with me? I may have to bring a little traveling bookshelf with me. 

06. Running ...  running ... running 

I've been trying to get back in 5K shape and it's been going . . . well, not so well. The first three workouts involved running 60 seconds and then walking for 60 seconds. I thought I had it down, so when it was time to move up to the next step, I was pumped. After all, how hard could run 90 seconds, walk 60 seconds be? 

Really hard. Really, really hard. 

So, back to the run 60 seconds walk 60 seconds for a while. If only it'd stop raining so I could run outside - or maybe the nasty weather is God's sign for me not to take up running again. 

07. The long awaited weekly Wilson appearance 

I know, I know, this is the one you've been waiting all week for. Here's a Wilson update. This week Wilson has been riding the struggle bus and regressing in his litter box training. After about 45 minutes of wandering around, his bowels will get the best of him and he'll leave a little surprise on the floor for me. 

Then he'll either do one of two things. He'll run back to his cage and finish his business in his litter box OR he'll just lay over his mess and hide it from me until I tell him it's time to go back in the cage.  

For your amusement, I've included a video of him helping me clean his litter box (if only he could remember where it is BEFORE he needs to use the bathroom.) Oh well, he's a work in progress - aren't we all?