7 Quick Takes Friday, Volume 3

01. The Langr Baristas are at it again 

This week, Joseph and I decided to make our own cold brew. Oh my stars, this will definitely be something we do again.  It's super easy to make - all you need is coffee grounds, water and a mason jar.  You can use this recipe to learn how to make iced coffee just like a hipster. 

You can drink cold-brew straight over ice, heat it up and drink it hot, or mix it with a ton of sweet stuff (pictured above).  Check out my favorite recipe for iced vanilla coffee here. 

02. From the bookshelves . . . .


It didn't take long for me to get back to my history nerdiness after graduating.  I picked up this book from the library last week and have been reading a little each night.  Jean, the second from the youngest Kennedy little, writes about growing up with her eight siblings.

I spent a good chunk of my undergrad research learning about Jack and his presidency, so it's nice to finally be introduced to the rest of the siblings. If you're looking for a fun, light historical read, this is your book! 

03. Pass the Kleenex. . . 

Nope, I'm not recommending my favorite sad movie. I'm just sniffing because of a weird cold/allergies/fever yukiness that I've been fighting since Monday.  It all started after I drank a fruit smoothie, but I don't think those innocent strawberries are to blame. 

Does anyone have any favorite remedies to shaking a spring time fever? So far I've used 5,027 cough drops (just a slight exaggeration, I swear), a whole box of Kleenex, cups of tea (and coffee, who are we kidding).  

04. Reminiscing with our wedding photos

I'm writing a piece on tips your wedding photographer wished you knew before your big day. I found myself scrolling through all of the photos from Joseph and I's wedding (almost 4 months ago!!) and loving reliving every minute of the big day. Keep an eye out on my Facebook page for the new post from Aleteia! 

05. You're going to want to tune in for this.

Coming at you June 1st is my latest adventure . . . a podcast! I'll be recording a show called "Letters to Women: Exploring the Feminine Genius" and it will be based off of my favorite saint, Saint Pope John Paul II and his letter to women! Look for updates coming soon! In the mean time, check out the original John Paul II letter here!  

06. Your last chance to win a book! 

You only have until next Tuesday, March 17th, to enter to win Father Michael Kerper's new book, A Priest Answers 27 Questions You Never Thought to Ask! Click here to enter - it's really simple, just enter your name and e-mail address (you can include your credit card numbers, social security and bank routing number . . . but only if you feel like it. No pressure.) 

You can read my book review on Epic Pew here

07. The long awaited weekly Wilson apperance 

Since last week, I've converted Joseph into a fellow rabbit paparazzi member. Both of us were scrolling through our phones and found that most of the pictures from the past few weeks are of. . . Wilson. 

Bunny Wilson is slowly becoming more confident in his new home. He's started to lounge around under the chairs in the living room and eat spinach out of our hands. He still can't stand to be on hard floors and has only strayed from his litter box training once. It's okay, we all make mistakes, Wilson. 

Here's a video for your viewing pleasure. Excuse the weird noises as I scoot my phone along our living room carpet for Wilson's close up.